Entertainment of Monday, 7 January 2013

Source: omgghana

Wanlov Indicts Ghana Media

The KORA music awards aka. African Grammys took place recently in Ivory Coast, the ceremony featured US rapper Chris Brown of which there were earlier confusions about when the event would happen which depended on the arrival of its international guest.

Even though it is the ‘African Grammys’ much noise was made about the appearance of Chris Brown and Rihanna rather than the African acts.

When we come home it seems coverage of the Ghanaian nominees were non existence on the Ghanaian media front as much attention were paid to the international guests.

Ghanaian acts like FUSE ODG, Nacy and King Ayisoba all secured nods but were deeply disappointed by the Ghanaian media in our failure to rally support for them. Even though much of the country knew about the appearance of Chris and Rihanna, they had no clue as to the nominations of the Ghanaian musicians.

Wanlov the Kubolor known for not keeping his tongue in his mouth spilled the beans and wondered why we focus on the other side more than our very own.

He took to Facebook to express his thoughts on the matter as seen below: King Ayisoba was nominated for a KORA award and was there yet the Ghana media only wrote about Chris Brown (American DKB) and Rihanna coz we r happy they were in Ivory Coast close to us.

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