Entertainment of Monday, 7 January 2013

Source: Nigeriafilms.com

Revealed: Majid Michel's ‘Love Child’ in South Africa He's Been Hiding

When in October 2012, Nigeriafilms.com exclusively reported a story of an alleged love child belonging to Ghanaian superstar actor, Majid Michel, who is happily married in Ghana with kids, not many believed the story because we declined to release pictures of the said 'love child'.

We can now exclusively release the picture of Majid's love child, which we learnt from sources close to him, he is hiding from his wife and kids; Keira and Zara, in Ghana.

The name of Majid's love child in South Africa is Sandra, whose mother the actor slept with at Madindi Hotel in Ghana in December 2009 when the lady was in Ghana on a shopping spree at a mall, where they met before they added one plus one together which then gave them Sandra.