General News of Saturday, 22 December 2012

Source: Kinful, Bright

Press Conference On NPP's Allegations

Presss Conference On Npp’s Allegations On Electoral Fraud 12/21/2012

The BRIDGE welcomes you ladies and gentlemen of the press to this brief encounter.

We have gathered here to address certain negative events that occurred before, during and after the general elections of December 7 and 8. To begin, we would like to congratulate his Excellency the president on his election to the highest office of the land. Secondly, we congratulate all the other contestants who have sincerely conceded defeat in a spirit of true competition, nationalism and honesty. We also congratulate the security agencies and other civil organizations for contributing to the most peaceful elections ever held in this country. We would like to make mention of the Peace Council, the Catholic Bishop’s Conference, the Christian Council of Ghana, the Muslim Council of Ghana and the International observers just to mention a few.

We have summoned you here to address some issues which are likely to destroy the peace we have been enjoying in the country.

We all do recall the office at Dzorwulu that was supposedly being used to manipulate figures when the elections were still in progress. We also recall how on that same Accra FM station, they were broadcasts of the car number of a vehicle supposed to be transporting ballot papers from some office at Ridge to the electoral commission offices. We also recall how in the heat of the elections, the general secretary of the NPP in the person of Mr. Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie organized a press conference on the Saturday after the Friday polls encouraging their supporters to go to church on the following Sunday in white clothes, his reasons being that they are leading by 51.7%. We hereby declare that the most important thing in all this is that Dr. Kwadwo Afari Djan, the constitutionally mandated person, declared his Excellency John Dramani Mahama the duly elected president.

Ladies and gentlemen of the press, through its communicators before the 2012 elections, the New Patriotic Party has variously made pronouncements to Ghanaians warning of a scenario like Afghanistan i.e. internal violence in this country; they had also vowed ‘to win at all cost’. These pronouncements followed the infamous “All Die Be Die” declaration.

All these utterances point to a Mind Control effort carried out by the new patriotic party to condition the minds of Ghanaians to accept the violence and chaos that they had planned to unleash on our dear country during the 2012 general elections. We have seen it manifesting right before our eyes albeit without success.

On the allegations of electoral misconduct, The NPP’s reference point for electoral rigging at Dome Kwabenya is the claim that the figures recorded on the EC’s certified results for candidates John Mahama and Nana Addo are the true reflection of the results declared by the EC’s own returning officials at the Dome Kwabenya constituency. At the Ledzokuku constituency, the NPP Chairman Jake Obetsebi Lamptey, made a false allegation that a joy FM reporter called 63000 votes for John Mahama instead of 53000 but on the EC’s certified results, it recorded 53000. These are a few other examples of the bogus allegations that the new patriotic party have churned out as evidences of wrong vote figures. The NPP as a party, has a series of collation centers which were used to monitor the results announced at over 26000 polling stations across the country. But the fact of the matter is the NPP as we speak had not been able to tell us the percentage they had at their collation centers. But is now trying to deceive the general public that they are now gathering and collating the red sheets. When the leadership of the npp met the EC and the Peace Council, they said they had enough evidence to stop the declaration of the elections results. Upon further deliberations the EC boss went ahead to make the declarations because the NPP did not have any credible evidence. They then asked for 24hrs to produce their evidence. If the EC boss had listened to them, as at this press conference, the results for the 2012 General Elections, would not have been declared.

The NPP had been working to plunge this country into a state of chaos.

Our source has also revealed that a court injunction was served on the EC boss on Monday at 10am to prevent him from declaring the results. Another trick was played on Ghanaians that the supposed evidence gathered by the npp had been taken away in police raid on their collation center. This later changed to an NPP excuse that they were gathering the evidence from over 20,000 polling centers from around the country. In the end, they took refuge in a legal period of twenty one (21) days to finally present the results to The Supreme Court.

At a time when Ghanaians have clearly seen through the gimmick, NPP allies and surrogates like AFAG have joined in the fray singing the same song as their mother party and mischievously organizing press conferences and demonstrations in order to push us all to the brink of social disturbances.

In all these propagandist musical chairs and political circus, we have noted the dignified silence of the discerning majority of Ghanaians. We also assure the silent majority that the rule of law and divine guidance which have brought us through the 2012 general elections will continue to hold this country as one peaceful domain.

In conclusion, ladies and gentlemen of the press we urge all Ghanaians to go about their normal duties because all that is being churned out by the NPP and its allies are palpable falsehood. We the BRIDGE invite all Ghanaians to witness and be part of the swearing in of his Excellency the President Elect John Dramani Mahama on the 7th of January 2013 in furtherance of the better Ghana agenda.

We thank you for coming and wish all Ghanaians a merry Christmas and a happy new year.


Bright Kinful

(Deputy Secretary)

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