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NPP to stage demonstration over election result in Kumasi

Comment: Who Is Doing The Right Thing?

2012-12-15 16:40:50
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NPP to stage demonstration over election result in

First of all, those of you who are hailing insults on NPP and their leadership is out of place. How different are you all from them. This kind of intolerance is what is lost to our infant demcracy. We need to accept each others opinion under this dispensation n matter how much we disagree.
The constitution mandates everyone /group to freedom of expression and this reported demonstration is obviously one of them. Having said this, in my view, it is premature for NPP Ashanti Region to stage any kind of demonstration especially when tension and disappointment is still high in the country. Any mistep can turn into violence throwing the entire country into anarchy. The responsible thing to do is to channell their petition to the Supreme Court as has been alerted by the leadership of NPP. If there is any undeniable proof of fraud as has been alleged, then the Court would have the power to overturn the verdict of EC and not the reported demonstration in Ashanti Region. We are all watchdogs of democracy in Ghana - the envy of many nations.

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Who Is Doing The Right Thing?
12-15 16:40