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NPP to stage demonstration over election result in Kumasi

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maa tech
2012-12-15 12:57:06
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Is The NDC Worried???

No one is denying the NPP their constitutional rights but they should remember that others also have rights and therefore need to be respected. In fact it is in the interest of NDC for the NPP to behave this way. Free campaign for NDC for 2016. Let them continue behaving this way and they will have lots of damage repairs to do. As they keep shifting the goal post, if supporters were wise they would have read through the lines to draw their own conclusions. Unfortunately ignorant and naive as they may be, they continue to swallow the red herrings. Please precious NDC lives in Kumasi stay away from them life is precious and life lost can never be replaced. As we are hopeful of the better Ghana, we need to alive, strong and healthy to enjoy. Those who have nothing yo live for can risk their lives for useless ventures. Life has greater things for us than unnecessary tensions and agitations.

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12-15 08:16
maa tech
12-15 12:57