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NPP to stage demonstration over election result in Kumasi

Comment: The 8 NONSENSES of the NPP

Nyame Ekuma
2012-12-15 08:40:31
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NPP to stage demonstration over election result in


How and how can NPP win only 2 regions and win the Presidency ? this is nonsense no. 1. Kufuor won 6 regs in 2000 and 5 in 2004. NPP think ooo tom

NONSENSE no 2. NDC has 150+3 seats whilst NPP has 121. Since '96 any party who gains prliamentary majority wins the presidency. ask Prz. kufuor and stop this stupid nonsense.

NONSENSE no 3. the AU,EU, United States,Commonwealth Observer Mission,ECOWAS and CODEO have all said the election was free, fair, transparent and peaceful and NPP says what ?

NONSENSE no. 4. CPP, PNC, UFP, GCPP and all the independent candidates have conceded and congratulated Prez elect Mahama and NPP and their dwarf says wetin ?

NONSENSE no 5. NPP did not win a single seat in 3 regions namely Upper East, Upper West and Volta. why is the NPP not challenging the parliamentary seatsd? And the evil arrogant dwarf says wetin ?

NONSENSE no 6. WANEP, Ghana Peace Council, the Clergy, The Muslim Clergy and chief Imam, and many countries have congratulated Mahama and Ghana and the arrogant evil dwarf and stupid Sir John says wetin ?

NONSENSE no.7 How can Ghana vote for such a controversial person who on Wiki leaks is branded a drug addict and an addicted womanizer. Nana Addo is a warmonger and a violent man and profane and not disciplined and NPP say what ? Nkwasiasem ara kwa kwa.

NONSENSE no 8. Pastor Mensa Otabil shd tel the free SHS dwarf 'kapwepwe' magician that there is no FREE POWER any where. Nonsense NKWASIASEM ARA KWA KWA

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12-15 08:16
The 8 NONSENSES of the NPP
Nyame Ekuma
12-15 08:40