General News of Thursday, 13 December 2012

Source: Daily Guide

Spies trail Lord Commey

Two vehicles occupied by persons suspected to have sinister motive are hovering around the home of Lord Commey, Director of Operations for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) 2012 campaign, DAILY GUIDE has gathered.

Mr Commey and his family had greater cause for alarm yesterday when reports reached them that an armed police cum military team had been detailed to search for ammunition in his home.

“On Tuesday night, a black-coloured Hyundai Accent with registration number GS-2897-10 was seen in my neighbourhood and the occupants asked several persons where my house was. Not long after that, the vehicle was seen right in front of my house but the occupants did not get down.

“Later at night, another vehicle, a black VW Passat having dark tainted glasses with registration number GT-3840-Z, did the same thing and but this time around, the vehicle parked right in front of my home and remained there deep into the night, when they were asked what they were doing in front of my private residence, they said they were on a ‘mission’ and that they were National Security operatives,” Mr. Commey told DAILY GUIDE.

A source at the police headquarters had hinted DAILY GUIDE on Wednesday that a search team was being put together to invade Mr. Commey’s home in search of ammunitions.

The source said the search would be in the same format as what took place at the La Monte Guest House on Tuesday when NPP officials were doing some compilation there.

Lord Commey, a former National Organizer of the NPP, said prior to the incident, he had received reports that he and a couple of party bigwigs would be picked up for various reasons and therefore he was not surprised at the report that his home would be searched for ammunition.

“Let them come, we are waiting for them here. I have waited the whole morning and it is afternoon now so I have to leave home.

“The government should better call those behind these things to order because it’s senseless to further heighten the tension that has already reached boiling heights. As political leaders, we are doing all we can to restrain our vexed supporters and we have cooperated with the police to ensure the peace of this country but if they would now turn round and start doing some of these things, then, well, we would throw up our hands and become passive observers,” Mr. Commey stated.

He said the Dansoman Divisional Police Commander personally visited his home yesterday to assure him that his security was intact.