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US urges voters to accept results

Comment: My good Dr

Shanunu Dikaini
2012-12-11 15:33:11
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Dr.William Acquah,who gave the NPP Sir John the right to announce the result of the election before EC does so,you are an educated man think again.Who send the hooligans to the EC premises to prevent the EC from performing his duty.No one stops the Npp from taking their case to court after all similar allegation was raised during Kufour's time in 2004,the Ndc took the matter to court not all die be the way did you listen to Nana today ,he said there will be peoples revolution if things doesnot go their way,,think again.We are talking about civil disobedient , if not brought to a halt can turn us into another Somalia,is that what u want,,,,

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12-11 12:17
My good Dr
Shanunu Dikaini
12-11 15:33