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US urges voters to accept results

Comment: Re :Obama Also Went To Court.

Nana Adu - Washington DC, USA
2012-12-11 15:24:36
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Get your facts right! When Republcan Gvernors in the Republican controlled
States wanted to disenfranchise Black
and Spanish voters it was the NAACP which dragged these governors to court, not Obama. Thus said, it is right for NPP to address their concerns through the legal process. At any rate both parties should be careful not to throw the country into anarchy. The good name Americans have for Ghana as far as democracy is concerned shouldn't be allowed to be thrown into the mud. May peace and tranquility reign. God Bless Mother Ghana.

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12-11 12:17
Re :Obama Also Went To Court.
Nana Adu - Washington DC, USA
12-11 15:24