Sports News of Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Source: Raymond Yeboah

Parliamentary hopes of Sports presenters dashed

Despite all the books they shared to schools, none of the sports presenters who contested the electoral polls had the chance they so craved to enter the Parliament House.

This failure must be a caution to them that they can only be successful in their field of profession. Parliament is there for matured and well educated elites who are there to make unflinching laws for the good people of this nation.

Running of a football commentary, a la ‘ekaa ketekete’ and other funny wagons is only meant for the people who understand the language of sports, not Parliament where law making needs deep thought of conscience by a professional astute. I congratulate those constituencies that made sure the dream of such people didn't materialize.

It is true by all standards that any countryman with sound mind, irrespective of his or her position or profession can stand for Parliament, but it is also important that the capabilities of those who wish to enter there must be to an extent beyond a radio profession.

That’s why most of the developed countries sometimes hire the old and retired personnel for such positions not because they are short of academicians but the wit and experience of such personnel makes decision of law making a speedy and genuine one. Effectiveness of our Parliament depends on consistent and mature minds not the interest in the salary the Parliamentarians gets. It seems to me most of the youth are now turning their attention to Parliament because of the wage increment. I will implore the electorate to be more vigilant on this new twist because it will be vile as a nation to get a wrong person in the midst of the law making body.

The technicality involved in law making is not that of a Manchester United versus Chelsea football match and the fact that one can express himself frequently in the English language. Craftiness and lengthy educational background is the best credential one must possess to enter Parliament.

Radio stations need more talents for their development, so all those defeated sports presenters are welcome back to the field they know best. To be famous alone is not a recipe for an election. Whilst serious candidates were spending billions of Cedis on their campaigns, some of the sports presenters were out there sharing 1 Ghana Cedi exercise books in schools for such a jewelry as votes believing in their on-air popularity as the only tool that would get them there.

That gold digging attitudes portrays only one mindset… I’m done, thank you.