Feature Article of Friday, 7 December 2012

Columnist: MBG

Ten Key Reasons Why You Should Vote For President John Mahama



DECEMBER 05, 2012

Ten Key Reasons Why You Should Vote For President John Mahama

Fellow Ghanaians;
We are less 48 hours away from Election Day and it has become necessary for Voters to manage reasons for voting for a particular candidate.
This election has witnessed eight (8) presidential candidates but conventional wisdom makes it obvious that the real battle is between His Excellency John Mahama of the governing NDC and Hon. Akufo-Addo of the opposition NPP.
Our prime focus for this statement is to tell 10 key reasons why voters in Ghana should endorse President John Mahama to continue the second term of the NDC government.
Fellow Ghanaians, let us use this opportunity (which may not come before the election) to tell you why the npp candidate should be rejected at the poll.
1. The NPP candidate has not changed! He is the same old arrogant rich hotheaded divisive old man. How can a person who has not changed for the better seek for Ghanaians to offer a change to his benefit? Ghana must not change a situation for an unchanged person! Akufo-Addo called for change in May 2012; God almighty called President John Atta Mills to eternity for John Mahama to be President. Is that not enough change for Ghana?
2. The npp candidate has not been truthful and sincere to Ghanaians and Ghana must reject him! He has been telling a lot gargantuan promises to voters; this he knows cannot be done. He has promised; FREE HOSTELS FOR KAYAYES, FREE SECONDARY SCHOOL, etc; all these are for votes.
3. The npp candidate is desperate to be president. He is the only surviving individual in Ghana who sees the presidency as the end of one’s role on earth. He wanted to be President in 1992; he contested with Former President Kufour in the NPP presidential primaries in 1996 and lost but never conceded defeat. He contested the primaries again with former President Kufour in 1998 ahead of the 2000 elections. He has since been battling for the presidency even at age 70 or closer.
First of all, John Mahama is already President of the Republic of Ghana.
1. President John Mahama has an appealing personality and has an air of charisma around him. Your president reflects the image and impression of the country and the land of the people who voted for him. It is therefore imperative to have a president with positive attributes like your current president, John Mahama.
2. Government wage bill has more than doubled. The cost of paying salaries has increased from about GH?2 billion to about GH?6 billion. In effect, government workers have experienced more than 100% in their salaries and social security fund contributions by government. And also, Teacher trainees, Nursing trainees, Agriculture trainees etc. have all had more than 100% increment in their monthly allowances.
3. John Mahama is pursuing the vision of our late peaceful President John Evans Atta-Mills. The vision of building a better Ghana could not completed by President Atta-Miils before God called him; John Mahama is advancing the Better Ghana Agenda.
4. President John Mahama is not violent. He is not an anarchist. He is not arrogant. He is not intolerant. He is not a pretender. He is not divisive, President John Mahama is humble. He is a unifier and tolerant. He respects God and respects human feelings whether you are from the North, South, East or West.
5. President John Mahama is Tried, Tested and Proven. As a young MP, he was appointed as a deputy Minister by President Rawlings. He rose to the position of a cabinet Minister. He served Bole Bamboi for 12years until he was sworn as the Vice President of Ghana and subsequently became President when the Late Atta-Mills was called to glory.
6. He is submissive and respectful to the custodians of our lands and culture; the Chieftaincy institution.
7. He is energetic, hardworking and believes in the youth empowerment and development. He has established a GH?10 million youth empowerment fund.
8. He has promised to build 10 teacher training schools and 200 new senior high schools.
9. He is decisive, assertive, pragmatic and proactive rather than reactive.
10. John Mahama is working for you.
A vote for a peaceful John Mahama is in the right direction but a vote for a violent person like the NPP candidate is a wasted vote because he will not win.
Let us all relief ourselves for a stress-free Christmas and vote massively for a first round victory for President John Mahama to continue the Better Ghana Agenda.