Feature Article of Thursday, 6 December 2012

Columnist: Natt, Mann

....of Foot Soldiers and Political Intolerance

*…. *

Its just about forty eight hours to elections 2012, and the electioneering campaigns are gradually coming to a close, one can only look back at that long, arduous journey through the nooks and crannies of the country and congratulate ourselves for the cruise well done. Finally the long wait is over and we cross our fingers as we wait for Saturday December 8th by which we can heave a sigh of relief as we clap for ourselves as Ghanaians for a job well done.

I guess it is the time now that I state that I am just another humble empty- pocketed average Ghanaian student lest any red-eyed Ghanaian identifies me with his political telescope as an NPP or NDC protégé. In fact I am doing this write up for this same backward mentality of our political folks who will not read or listen to any commentary without looking for lines of words to paint one as being for or against one political ideology or the other. On behalf of we the few Ghanaian who are striving to stay afloat amid the sea of hot political cacophony we beg that the paints of political artistry is packed off for now for one honest discussion.

I hate politicians, yes with a deep intense passion for fueling and continuously re-igniting political fires in the country whiles hypocritically preaching peace. Of course their numerous party faithfuls- foot soldiers and otherwise also should bare the brunt for their shameful conduct; fermenting violence at the least provocation. Men who will not forgo any opportunity to “over exaggerate” the simple good morning his flag bearer says to the poor seller of “kofi brokeman” behind my hostel whiles this same man cringes at the simple mention of one outstanding accomplishment of his opponent and will not miss the opportunity to dig, research and nudify the project with the sole aim of finding out anything defeatist about it and in the unfortunate instance of finding anything incriminating then my dear power drunk compatriot will formulate create or embellish a story as complex and intense as a Mexican soap opera to satisfy his own selfish political goals

I am very proud to say that I am on neither sides of this despicable obsession Ghanaians have with these two ever bickering political parties but as a Ghanaian I wish to state that I am nauseated by the barrage of insults, threats lies and bigotry displayed in Ghanaian politics. Can’t we for once act with some civility and maturity as the supposed paces setters of African democracy?

Can we not just shelve this passionate fetish for a while and agree to disagree? I believe a lot of Ghanaians will agree with me on this, if you don’t; I do invite you to join me discuss this in all civility and courtesy- agreeing to disagree without the steam of anger blurting out.

I cant but only wish for he day when an NPP person can say honest words of commendation to his opponent without any hidden undertones, a day when an NDC man will see the man in the other political divide as a brother and compatriot and not an a devil. A day when politicians will also make realistic promises to the electorate with an honest aim of fulfilling them.

Thankfully we seem to be gradually moving away from the politics of insults and focusing a little more on the issues that matter and I pray that by December 2016 we would have moved from the amateurish mode of politics to a type that will make our title as the beacon of Africa a reality.