Feature Article of Sunday, 2 December 2012

Columnist: Frimpong, Desmond

NPP ready to move Ghana forward

The NPP, despite its glorious past, was a pale shadow of itself during the 2008 Presidential and parliamentary elections. On the ground, the party lacked the vital structures that in the past had brought us victory. Polling station executives had ceased to function and people with critical information were excluded or not consulted about things where their knowledge was crucial to success. In the end, the NPP lost an election that, in our complaisance, was deemed easier to win than to lose.
In the aftermath, serious questions were posed. An introspection to find out why the party surrendered power to the National Democratic Congress (NDC) became necessary.
In August 2009, the NPP took dramatic steps that were aimed at setting the party on course to recapture power in Election 2012. One of such steps was the amendment of large portions of our constitution. A delegates` conference dubbed: “Reflect, Rebuild and Recapture”, was dedicated to the memory of the late Mr Peter Ala Adjetey, a former National Chairman of the party and a former Speaker of Parliament.
The party has worked extremely hard to regain its old glory by galvanising the rank and file of the party and it will show its strength in the elections that is due in barely a week. The foundation of the party is stronger now than ever. We in the NPP are optimistic that in an event of a free, fair and transparent election, the party will record a “one-touch” victory to enable the implementation of the free Senior High School education policy. Even though the party is not being complacent, it is clear, from all indications, that the road to victory is certain.
We humbly ask Ghanaians to be very circumspect of the decision they make on December 7th, as the whole future of the nation depends on the choice we make on that faithful day. Our standard-bearer, Nana Akufo-Addo, has decided to prioritise education, because Ghana cannot make any serious attempt at development and wealth creation without a widely educated populace.
Speaking to a highly expectant crowd in Zangum in the Northern region, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, our party`s vice Presidential Candidate, had this to say: “as the time nears for the elections, it is increasingly becoming clear that there is a big distinction between the options available for the Ghanaian people. On the side of the NPP, we have maintained a clear consistent message of transformation. We have spelt out a very clear vision of where Ghana ought to be and the steps we are going to take to get us there in the shortest possible time."
If we want our lives and those of our children and grandchildren to see significant improvement, then it is obvious that we cannot continue to keep John Mahama and the NDC in government. A single day on the current path will mean more hardship and despondency.
This election is about the future of the Ghanaian child. The current generation cannot deny our children a free Senior High School education that some of them enjoyed. It is a shame that the NDC had kicked against the free SHS when its leader, President John Mahama, was a beneficiary of the same policy. We challenge the NDC to provide an alternative policy to the free SHS education the NPP has promised if they want Ghanaians to take them seriously. We appeal to supporters of the party to continue propagating the free SHS policy to the electorate and also defuse the propaganda of the NDC against the policy.
We in the NPP urge the electorate not to pay any attention to the NDC and vote massively for Nana Akufo-Addo and the NPP to pave the way for the implementation a policy that will enable every Ghanaian child to have access to secondary education. Nana Akufo-Addo has promised he will not spend Ghanaian taxpayer’s money on paying frivolous judgment debts as the NDC has done in the past four years, but will rather spend our scarce resources on the Ghanaian child. John Mahama and the NDC cannot deny our children their basic rights to free education.

Desmond Frimpong
Oslo, Norway