Feature Article of Sunday, 2 December 2012

Columnist: Nuhu, Kashaa

The Machiavellian Political Harlots Among The Elephants.

Wonders they say shall never end. The great Napoleon Bonaparte himself was a small boy. Those who live in glass houses apparently must not conceive any idea of pelting stones. Today, garrulous Abu Jinapor has graduated from his drunkenness and disco-tech life to become a legally trained person out of a political wedlock of harlotry. Polished Abu Jinapor, all credit to Nana Addo who has long scolded the NPP from birth is now the forerunner beneficiary of the standard bearer of the New Patriotic Party Nana Akufo-Addo by metamorphosing God-forsaken Abu Jinapor into a gem in the political arena of Ghana at the expense of protracted closed ally like Hamid Mustapha.

By this consideration, Abu Jinapor is refined enough to speak gibberish which are full of hitches against a man who is accused of shielding his father by the most revered person of his land for political purposes. The self conceited individual in the person of Jinapor is not as credible and loyal as he wants big wigs of NPP to believe. He made several remarks indicating why he supports or feigns support for his benefactor. This traitor openly said he will be with Nana because he belongs to the aristocrats and can finance his long cherished dream profession regardless of the third class division he made from KNUST in Physics.

Nevertheless, the gentle giant as he used to be called, former President Kuffour pretended to call the praised name of the dead in his tribute to the late VEEP, Alhaji Aliu Mahama. President Kuffour mentioned and purported how good the late Mahama was as a Vice President to him. This exposes the level of dishonesty members of the NPP can be when it comes to politics. It amuses me when the elephant’s families poured make believe pronouncements on this illustrious son of the North at his death as though they recognized his stewardship as VEEP in practice. It was a common knowledge how the then Chief of staff, Kwadwo Mpiani who poses more as the Vice President and relegated the VEEP to the background scrutinized his entourage before he left abroad to perform his duties. Was the Late Aliu Mahama dignified by the NPP as they want us to understand today?

The populous and unprecedented among them is the ganging up by 16 Elephants against this 8years experienced Vice President to become the leader of the NPP in 2008 polls with much snags to talk about. Those who were not heard of ever as frontrunners in the NPP felt, if HE Aliu Mahama, who could have conveniently been given the mantle as the standard bearer is in the race, then they are as well qualified and popped up from nowhere to use that platform to announce their presence. These indeed are “bosses in suits” for the NPP and have little or no respect at all for the late Vice President.

Former President Kuffour who today after former Vice’s death is making mockery of his aptitude was one of the gang leaders who plotted against the well experienced and deserved VEEP to be handed over the cloak. Members of the NPP pretended to hail him despite their loath affection for the late Alhaji Aliu Mahama, no iota of pure love for him by his compatriots. Principle must be accepted in totality or rejected in entirety, there is nothing like half principle as members of the opposition New Patriotic Party want Ghanaians to believe. His Excellency Aliu Mahama was used, abused and rejected outright in the historic congress of the NPP in 2007, period. This scandalous charade of love for the late VEEP must be ceased immediately.

Let us not forget about those who extravagantly displayed hard core academic prowess immediately after the NPP lost the 2008 elections in a vivid account of events in a book entitled “Chasing the Elephant into the bush”. What Ghanaians need to make out of NPP is that, they themselves are putting frantic effort in place to make sure their flag bearer never became the President of this Country. They (NPP) are well aware of the desperado leader and know pretty well what he can do to them and the country if by mistake Nana Addo ascends the Presidency. This explains why big guns in the party are showing lukewarm attitude towards the 2012 electioneering campaign of the New Patriotic Party.

Charismatic, adorable and most acclaimed Alan Kyeremanteng in the Elephant’s family is in the wilderness. Alan the crowd puller has gone in hibernation after getting hints and glimpses of the eminent defeat of Nana in this election, decided not to dissipate his energy in unworthy course. He obviously knows the character trait and fraud promises by their flag bearer will not be received by Ghanaians, hence his silent and folded arms on the fence watching the lies peddled by the NPP and Nana Addo to boomerang.

Revered Members in the NPP realizing their flag bearer has no message apart from the unfeasible and chaff chuff pledges which are meant to secure electoral fortunes but never to be realized, prefer to distant themselves from those lies since they cannot openly condemn them than to be part of the unavoidable loss in Dec. The likes of Papa Owusu Ankomah, J. H Mensah, Otabil who spoke the truth about Nana’s banter promises were vilified, castigated and called names forcing them to retreat and keep mute and watch proceedings to unveil itself to the good people of this Country to see. Inevitably, Ghanaians are taking note of that and will replicate the very tumult that chased the Elephant into the bush in 2008.

The hypocrisies are increasing at a geometric rate by surrounding the campaign of the NPP by dubious political harlots who supply spurious ideas that attract dire portent that will culminate into another trounce in Dec for Nana Addo’s team in less than 10 days. The chauvinism by blather remarks by these cynical sycophants make some NPP gurus to leave Nana Akufo-Addo and his team to the distasteful defeat in the 2012 elections. The despicable pretense by Nana, running chaotically from one church to another seeking sanctification of his previous iniquities is speaking volume of his desperations as though this election is about life and death.

Make hey while the sun shines is what they made us believe. Nana with his crook life never thought his days will catch up with him. It is good to live an enhanced life and synchronized your life with your peers for posterity sake.”The evil men do lives after them, the good is oft interred with their bones” therefore let it be with Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo as this elections will sum his political life into zilch sending him directly into political oblivion.

Kashaa Nuhu. Babnuh11@yahoo.com