Feature Article of Sunday, 2 December 2012

Columnist: Sarpong, Justice

Mr Vice-President Amissah Arthur, Not So Fast

Mr Amissah Arthur after picking his freshly printed 1980 Masters degree in Economics certificate has this to say;

“This is a storm in a tea cup. There is such an obsession about paper certificate that, for somebody who’s worked in this university, people could doubt that the certificate was not genuine or that the qualification was not genuine." I guess his name now has appeared on the class of 1980 too, this is just laughable

Not so fas, Mr Arthur, are you telling us you lied when you told Parliament in your vetting for the Vice President position that you btained your Masters degree in 1976? If you knew you graduated in 1980, why did you tell Parliament that you graduated in 1976? Is there any reason for that? What were you trying to hide? What did you do between 1976 to 1979? Were you a Lecturer at Legon or was just a Teaching Assistant for six(6) years, between 1975 to 1980? How long was your scholarship supposed to last? Can you tell us what you did between 1976 to 1980? Did it take you six years to do your Masters degree a course that usually takes two years to do? You started this course in 1975 and was still writing your thesis in 1979? Were you still under scholarship for all those years, six years to be exact?

Was the Vice-President Amissah Arthur attacked by temporary senility? At the Vetting Committee of Parliament when he was selected as Vice President, the former Governor of the Bank of Ghana (BoG) presented a Curriculum Vitae (CV) that indicated that he had his Master’s in 1976. His Biography at Wikipedia site says he obtained his Masters in 1976 too so why the change?

"Early life and educationAmissah- Arthur Was born at Cape Coast, the capital of the Central Region of Ghana. He completed his secondary education at the Mfantsipim School where he obtained the GCE Ordinary Level in 1969 and the GCE Advanced Level in 1971. He proceeded to the University of Ghana at Legon where he obtained the B.Sc. in 1974 and M.Sc.in 1976, both in Economics."

To be fair to him, there are other websites that says he obtained his Masters in 1980 but he presented his CV to Parliament as having obtained his Masters in 1976 so why is he telling a different story? Would Parliament has asked him different questions if they knew then that he obtained his Masters in 1980? Did he intentionally deceive Parliament to avoid some questions?Mr Amissah Arthur has given different dates about his Masters degree graduation it has now become comical. How many people forget about the years they obtained their degrees?

On many platforms, Mr Amissah Arthur couldn't tell when he completed his degree.On November 6, during the IEA Vice-Presidential debate at Takoradi, Mr Amissah-Arthur could not state emphatically when he obtained his Masters’ and could only say he got a scholarship to do post graduate work This scholarship was awarded in 1975 so one will expect him to have completed this course in 1976 and that is why he presented a CV to the Parliamentary committee with 1976 as the year he obtained his degree. How this man managed to stay on scholarship for six years to do a two years degree needs its own investigation if he really did complete this degree in the first place.

Now Mr Amissah Arthur has used his office as the Vice President to corral a freshly printed 1980 Masters degree.On November 28th, the NDC hired Newspaper, the Daily Democrat with a banner heading; "Veep Swerves NPP With Clean CV" has this to say; "The Young Patriots, at a press conference accused Vice-President Amissah-Arthur of presenting a fraudulent CV to Ghanaians claiming that the records at the University of Ghana show that he never obtained his Masters in Economics from there in 1980. But, the Vice-President must be laughing and saying “small boys are young” as records show that he obtained his Masters from the University of Ghana in 1986 which he stated in his CV to Parliament before he was vetted."

"Records show that he obtained his Masters from the University of Ghana in 1986 which he stated in his CV to Parliament before he was vetted." So where did the Daily Democrat get this information? From Amissah Arthur? Mr Amissah Arthur,we can still take the certificate and test the age of the ink used to write on it. With technology, it is easy to run but you just cannot hide. Don't be too comfortable because we are coming for the certificate to see how old is the paper this certificate was printed on. You will not get away from this shenanigans easily.

Justice Sarpong

Houston, Texas