General News of Thursday, 29 November 2012

Source: Daily Searchlight Newspaper

Tony Aidoo ‘steals’ state cars again

Dr Tony Aidoo, the head of Monitoring and Policy Evaluation at the seat of government who is on record as one of the most rabid and vociferous critics of former President John Agyekum Kufuor-led New Patriotic Party (NPP) has acquired a fleet of state of the art luxury vehicles in the four years that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government has been in power.

Worse, there are serious indications that some of the vehicles are state owned, which he took under dubious circumstances to his residence soon after the NDC assumed office.

Neighbors of Dr. Tony Aidoo at the Sampa valley on the Kasoa Road opposite Modest Oil have told the Daily Searchlight scouts that he brought vehicles with SPD tags to his house soon after the NDC assumed office. The house is located at the backs of Star Oil Filling Station on the Kasoa road.

Inquiries at the Weija branch of the DVLA indicate that Dr. Aidoo allegedly brought in 5 SPD cars to be registered in his name. One is a Chrysler saloon car which he is currently driving with registration number GW-666-10.

Daily Searchlight newspaper has watchman in the area who was bold to confront Dr. Tony Aidoo that since the vehicles have SPD tags, it must mean they belong to government.

He is reported to have questioned the government official, which led to a misunderstanding between Dr Tony Aidoo and the watchman.

This paper has learnt that when the watchman confronted him he told the man in anger that “You know how much I have spent on NDC campaign? This is what I will get in return.”

Some of the alleged SPD cars in the possession of Dr. Tony Aidoo as we are filling this report are 2 Chrysler cars.

A source at Weija DVLA said to this paper that day in and day out Dr. Tony Aidoo has been trying to get these vehicles registered in his name.

“I think he started bringing the cars when they assumed office and now is the time he is busily registering them”, said a neighbor.

Daily Searchlight newspaper scouts will bring the registration of the other cars soon to the public domain.

When this newspaper called Dr Tony Aidoo to confirm the story, he said that it is very true that he has in his possession some cars but they are not for government.

“My brother what are you talking about? When did government by Chrysler with SPD tag? You can come to my house at Sampa valley to see it for yourself if those cars belong to government,” he said.

In opposition, Dr Aidoo was one of the most voiceferous critics of then government officials for acquiring illegitimate wealth and property. Now that the tables have turned, he seems unable to resist the bait.