General News of Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Source: Daily Guide

Ashaiman Land Guards Strike

A family in Ashaiman has appealed to authorities of the Ghana Police Service and the Tema Regional Police Command to find the killers of their bread-winner, Abdul Rahman.

Rahman, also known as ‘Last Show’, was killed on November 2, 2012, few days after he was threatened by persons suspected to be his killers.

A young man, who described himself as the deceased’s brother and pleaded anonymity, told DAILY GUIDE that his late brother lived and worked in Ashaiman until his death.

According to him, Rahman after close of work on November 1, 2012 went to his abode, a wooden structure at Mateheko, a suburb of Ashaiman, together with a friend, Ebenezer Quansah alias Biggie where the two retired to bed around 10pm.

He alleged that his brother’s murderers, numbering more six and suspected to be land guards, went to the deceased’s abode on November 2, 2012 at dawn, broke the door, and started hitting the deceased with offensive weapons. The situation compelled Rahman and Ebenezer to take to their heels amidst shouting for help.

Rahman, who reportedly sustained injuries on his body, was alleged to have been shot by one of the land guards whose name was mentioned as Ali Quaranga as he tried to escape with his friend.

Quaranga was alleged to have followed Rahman to where and laid bleeding and stabbed him, after which he and his colleagues went round looking for the deceased’s friend who had escaped.

Ebenezer, who also sustained injuries on his body, was fortunately aided by a female resident of the area, who quickly hid him in her bathroom to avoid further attacks on him.

For fear of being attacked, residents reportedly failed to quickly go to Rahman’s aid until later that morning when most of the residents were sure that they were safe to come out from their homes. Some alleged that he mentioned the names of his attackers before he died to the few residents who went to the scene where he was shot.

He was alleged to have mentioned Ali Quaranga as the one who shot and stabbed him and mentioned Eric Joe Senema alias as the ‘don’ as leader of his attackers. He claimed the others were Sherrif Agenda, RSM Razak Yambe, Musah Romario, Faisal alias the ‘Game’ Sule alias ‘Death’ Oluman Gbonyoko and Moro.

Rahman’s family noted that two of the suspects had been arrested by the police and were counting on the police to go all out and arrest the rest especially Ali Quaranga.

“We are being told that there are attempts to release one of the arrested persons currently in custody at the Tema Regional Police Command. We have confidence in the police and therefore consider this as a rumour. We believe the police will resist any temptation to give in to that demand by persons we suspect have a hand in Rahman’s death,” a member of the deceased’s family remarked.