General News of Monday, 26 November 2012

Source: Joy Online

President’s popularity is swelling in Ashanti - Jinapor

Presidential spokesman John Jinapor is confident that the reception being accorded President John Mahama in the Ashanti Region is a clear indication that the president will win a significant portion of the votes there.

He therefore predicts that the election, the Ashanti region will cease to be known as an NPP stronghold.

He told Joy News’ Seth Kwame Boateng that President Mahama is a marketable commodity that Ghanaians and especially the people of the Ashanti region will not discard.

“We have an advance team and a follow up team and the report we are getting clearly indicates that the president’s popularity is swelling by the day, we are very confident that we will put a very, very impressive performance in the Ashanti region,” he said.

Jinapor added that the NDC has been assessing its chances not only based on the size of its crows but also the level of enthusiasm and energy that its supporters exhibit.

Asked what specifically would swing votes in the notoriously NPP-leaning Ashanti region, Jinapor mentioned the president’s credibility, marketability and the love many have for him.

He doubted if the president’s plan to meet other flagbearers before the election would materialize, noting that the president’s schedule has been interrupted by the Melcom Disaster and the death of former Vice President Alhaji Aliu Mahama.