Entertainment of Saturday, 24 November 2012

Source: Flexghana

4x4`S Fake Live Performance Exposed?

Though many industry pundits have campaigned for the inclusion of live band performance in our stage acts, the least they expected was to have some Ghanaian artistes deceive fans in the name of live performance.

May be you were not at the just ended MTN 4Syte Music Video Awards last Saturday at the Accra International Conference centre, but as much as you have Flex newspaper reporters as your informants, then your problem is solved. Hip life trio 4X4 made up of Captain Planet, Coded and Fresh Prince are at the centre of this mess. When it was time for the award winning trio to dish out powerful performances last Saturday, the three together with their five piece “Ohia be ye ya band” led by Kwame Yeboah rushed onto the stage to arrange their drum kit for that spectacular show.

Unlike many other shows, where drum kits are always ready for action on a stage with all the necessary set up, over there players had to run and arrange the drum kits for the trio when their name was mentioned. Their action raised eyebrows due to the kind of quality sound that was emanating from the speakers since a live set up without the required setting could provide such sound as pure and clean like what we were enjoying.

Some people started raising alarm including showbiz pundit Arnold Asamoah Baidoo of Razz fame, who started a vox pop mildly asking the opinions of people as to whether they realized that the hip life trio 4x4 dramatized their live performance. Flex newspaper reporters heard and wanted a clear verification of the allegation so quickly went to the floor, light and sound manager of the event (name withheld) for clarification and this is the information he gave to Flex newspaper.

“I know what 4X4 played during the performance is not a live thing but a charade painting a picture of a live band performance. They had recorded the performance especially the instrumentation live in a recording studio but it was not live on the stage. May be that is the way they wanted to do stuff so we could not complain. Yes, 4x4 never played a live band as we saw. The whole band had rehearsed and am sure they acted it so very well” the young man known for producing many events such facilities like sound and light told Flex newspaper when we contacted him at the conference centre.

4X4, we know you can do well on the stage so please get us the real live thing so we can really measure your output anytime. Any way how about Kwame Yeboah, we are sure he knows better and loves his live thing so what really happened. No wonder the drummer was spotted wearing jacket but played the drum in his own rehearsed way.