Diasporian News of Saturday, 24 November 2012

Source: NDC USA

Mahama was at his best - NDC USA


The NDC USA has expressed its satisfaction with the performance of
President Mahama at the recently held IEA debate. During the course of the debate
the NDC Presidential candidate maintained a dignified posture which is in
line with his position as President. The Presidential candidate of the New
Patriotic Party was seen by millions of viewers protesting to the moderators
of the debate about why his call for a rebuttal after all candidates had
finished making concluding statements was not honored. The incident
reinforced the narrative that Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo-Addo is arrogant and
self-centered. Obviously, all the candidates could not have been pleased with all
aspects of the debate none except the NPP presidential candidate was seen
engaging in childish tantrums. What is interesting is that most of the media
in Ghana have remained silent about Addo Danquah Akuffo-Addo’s
characteristic unwarranted emotional outbursts. With such persistent rendering of
needless emotional outbursts we wonder if Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo-Addo is
ready to be president of our dear nation !
President Mahama looked the most Presidential of all the candidates during
the debate and amply demonstrated that he was the best informed candidate
on every issue that was raised. This was clearly manifested in the way he
would dilate on policies the other candidates had proposed but did not know
that their proposals are already being implemented in the better Ghana
agenda. This was the case when the candidates had made their suggestions on what
in their view, needed to occur to decrease maternal fatalities during
childbirth and on their respective views on Ghana’s foreign policy. The
President’s responses and positions illustrated to viewers that most of what the
candidates wanted to do was already being implemented.
One of the most illuminating exchanges during the debates was came about
when the Presidential candidate of the New Patriotic candidate outrageously
stated that Ghana was currently harboring Ivorian dissidents bent on
destabilizing the government of Present Ouattara of Cote d’Ivoire! The NPP
Presidential candidate cited a UN report to buttress his case. The President
assured the people of Ghana and the international community that both the report
and the NPP flag bearer’s comments was inaccurate and ill-informed since
he frequently spoke with the Ivorian President and was in close cooperation
with the Ivorian government on the matters concerning the strengthening of
mutual security of both countries. It was obvious that Nana Addo was relayin
g on sources of international reports that are notorious for inaccurate
portrayals of issue about Africa and therefore lack credibility. The NDC USA
remains very grateful and proud for the president’s firm stand, which
assured the international business community that the issue of harboring
dissidents in Ghana for the purposes of destabilizing a friendly country was
simply a delusion and untrue.
We of the NDC-USA have noted with some discomfiture that some surrogates
of the NPP flag bearer have taken to attacking the person of Mr. Hassan
Ayarigya in aftermath of the IEA debate, instead of assessing the cause or
causes of the poor performance of their candidate. We wish to state that as an
aspirant to the high office of President of the Republic of Ghana, Mr.
Ayarigya had every right to attack positions and statements associated with the
NPP and its flag bearer. Ordinarily the NDC-USA does not defend the
candidates of other parties but it is our view that ad hominine attacks to the
person of the Presidential candidate of the PNC are also attacks at the
culture of debates of Presidential Candidates before elections. It is our view
that the description of the PNC presidential candidate’s contribution to the
debate as amounting to comic relief is an attempt at insulting the person
of Mr. Ayarigya and his party and underscores the general feelings amongst
many Ghanaians that the NPP is intolerant to opposing views. We call on the
NPP representatives who have taken to describing Mr. Ayarigya as ill or
clownish to simply desist from such repugnant behavior and focus on their
dwindling campaign.
We also note with pride and great admiration, the concluding statement of
the President and Flag bearer of the NDC, His Excellency John Mahama. The
President was grateful to God for how far he has come and submitted himself
to the will and judgment of the people of Ghana. He also reminded Ghanaians
that the NDC was asking for the opportunity to continue the good and great
works of the late President Mills who they had a few months ago
acknowledged his great leadership. President Mahama also recapped that the mandate
they gave the late President was used to bring developments and solutions to
all the problems of the people of Ghana. President Mahama was so humble
that he repeated the derogatory references, such as him being a spare driver,
the NPP has been making of him. As the debate revealed, the spare driver
demonstrated better knowledge and offered better ideas and ideals on how to
develop Ghana than any of the other contesting candidates.
President Mahama Ayekoo!

Osborne K Sam
Secretary, NDC USA