Business News of Saturday, 24 November 2012

Source: Daily Guide

Lufthansa Appoints New Country Manager

Lufthansa Airlines has appointed Kevin Markette as its new General Manager for Ghana.

He replaces Yannick Aplogan, the current General Manager for Lufthansa in Gabon who worked in Ghana for four and half years.

Prior to his appointment, Mr. Markette served as Regional Manager Marketing & Business Development for Lufthansa in the United Arab Emirates, Gulf and Iraq

He was also the manager in charge of Pricing, Steering, Reservations and Ticketing in Southern and Eastern Africa.

At a media interaction to introduce him, Mr. Markette said “Ghana is a market with very good growth perspectives that is very much on the world’s attention.”

He said Lufthansa remains committed to the growth of the Ghanaian market, adding that he would endeavour to continue with the good work of his predecessor and the team.

Mr. Aplogan said working in Ghana was a pleasurable experience, taking into account the support and collaboration he got from the Airport Authority and his staff.

“I have been amazed at how my colleagues were always willing to go the extra mile to train and upgrade their skills to help make Lufthansa one of the best airlines in Ghana.”

He noted that Mr. Markette is the right person for this market considering his African background and vast experience in the organization.

Claus Becker, Lufthansa Managing Director, West and Central Africa, also commended Mr. Aplogan for his good work and expressed his happiness with Lufthansa’s operation and development in the Region, more especially Ghana.

He said “Ghana has a bright future if it is able to manage and keep its industries running besides the developing oil sector and Lufthansa would like to be part of this bright development.”