General News of Monday, 19 November 2012


Melcom victims angry at owner of collapsed building

Victims of the recent Melcom disaster are angry with the owner of the collapsed building. The workers say they are appalled at the comments by Nana Boadu Nkansah Ayeboafo to the effect that the building collapsed because the workers had stuck up goods at the upper part for warehousing.

According to Lawrence Darkwa, one of the workers and survivors of the Melcom Disaster, construction on the top floors were still being done and so they couldn’t have stored any heavy equipment there.

He also said that the day before the disaster, he’d spoken to the Melcom manager, about the cracks on the wall and how the building shook anytime something was dropped.

However the manager replied that a contractor had already come to check it and assured the staff that there was nothing to fear.

The next day, just when they were rounding up their morning devotion, there was a loud bang as the whole building began to shake and the pillars started collapsing.

A co-worker that he shared the same house with died in the disaster, so did the manager and several other employees.

He insisted that even though management of Melcom had promised them compensation, he was yet to receive anything from them.

He commended the media for their diligence in getting to the root of the disaster and also giving survivors the platform to be heard. Ghana News team extend their condolences to the victims of the Melcom Disaster and their families and friends.