General News of Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Source: Daily Searchlight Newspaper

Best farmer lied to vetting committee

Investigations by Daily Searchlight Newspaper at Mataheko a suburb of Afienya have revealed that Mr Lamuel Kwashie Martey presented a serpent-infested fishpond to the learned University Professors as his fish pond, and it was based on this ‘pond’ that he was granted the National Best Farmer.

The Enquirer Newspaper on Friday 2nd November edition carried a front page story captioned “Government tasks engineers to inspect dam site near Afienya” following protest by the residents.

According to the story, the government of Ghana has tasked engineers of the ministry of water resources, works and housing to inspect the sanity of a dam at Mateheko near Afienya which has lost its agricultural value.

The inspection which saw the Minister E.T. Mensah at the site ordered immediate action to be taken to see to it that people around the dam live without hindrance.

Daily Searchlight Newspaper learnt from sources that this very dam which has been ordered by the minister to be closed down was the same the 2012 Best Farmer Mr. Lemuel Kwashie Martey showed to the learned university professors who went round the country to vet farmers who have been considered for that award.

Some farmers who have spoken on the matter when it came up has argued that the adjured Best Farmer has lied to the whole nation and farmers around the country, and are calling on the government and the ministry of food and agricultural to immediately revoke the title as soon as possible to redeem the great image of the award for farmers.

The Daily Searchlight Newspaper on Friday 7:30 am visited another farm at Agbonya in the Dodowa which Mr. Lemuel Kwashie Martey- the self-acclaimed 2012 Best Farmer is claiming to be his farm and realized that the farm was nothing to write home about.