General News of Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Source: Ghana Palaver Newspaper

Konadu threatens to divorce Rawlings if...

Unsullied information chanced upon by this reporter has it that Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings has threatened to leave former President Jerry John Rawlings if he makes any false move to dim her still-born presidential ambition.

Afraid that Konadu will carry her threats through, Mr. Rawlings has therefore been forced to become a virtual poodle to Konadu's crazy political misadventure.

Nana Konadu, who has vowed to send the National Democratic Congress (NDC) into opposition to teach the party a bitter lesson, is reported to have told Mr. Rawlings in plain words that “You either support me or I' m out of your life”.

That is why Mr. Rawlings is currently dangling between the NDC and the National Democratic Party (NDP) with no clear vision as to where he belongs or what he wants to do.

Mr. Rawlings is too afraid of Konadu who has become so powerful that she currently dictates everything that powerless JJ does, which is why the man has no guts to say anything against the catastrophic political foolhardy of Konadu.

JJ Rawlings pretends that he is unaware of Konadu's machinations but always finds time to turn around to blame others for trying to destroy the NDC, when in fact for three years and eleven months since the NDC returned to power Nana Konadu has been pulling all the strings to bring the umbrella down.

It has been reported by Radio XYZ that Mr. Rawlings at a meeting with some senior members of the NDC stated that he has decided to participate in the campaign of the NDC after witnessing some changes under the leadership of President John Mahama.

But on that same day funny enough Konadu was on radio bashing the NDC and calling on voters to send the NDC into opposition. Is Rawlings telling the world that he has up till now not heard about what Konadu said?

JJ Rawlings continuous to blame others in the NDC when in fact the most divisive person on earth today is close to him.

The NDC had been fine and strong since Mr. Rawlings and his wife (Konadu )decided to join the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) to help in bringing the party down.

God being so good, the NDC has survived all the terrible onslaughts from the Rawlings and will go on to win the impending December 7 polls.