Entertainment of Saturday, 3 November 2012

Source: omgghana

Chemphe Hits On Africa’s Poverty Status At Barcamp

Chemphe under his Campaign for peace and against poverty project is still making head way with empowering the populace of Ghana about efficient resource use to curb the poverty issue.

Chemphe strongly believes that the country’s rich natural resource provides an opportunity for utilization to increase the general net worth of the populace.

Chemphe joined the BarCamp project which was held at the Central University in Tema a week ago as a speed mentor and managed to inspire the fast growing youth which was made up of students and working class young entrepreneurs.

During the project, Chemphe mentioned that Africa is not poor since we have all the natural resources that can be mentioned.

Apart from expertise, he added that “self poverty” is the biggest flaw in our development.

He stated that after touring around Asia and Europe he came to a realization that the biggest flaw of our youth today is lack of self confidence.

Chemphe added that he is planning an exclusive peer mentoring project and a charity carnival in December to help street kids and orphans under his Douple P project.