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The president is suffering from "Mahanesia" - Akufo-Addo

Comment: Jon Mahama has no vision. he is so naive

Woman's wisdom
2012-11-02 11:53:51
Comment to:
Jon Mahama is a son of Satan =criminal

I forgot to say that while Asiedu Nketia insults men of God, Jon Mahama himself insults God the Almighty, He points his right index finger on God and says to the people of Ghana that they must blame God the Almighty because of the (Dumsour, dumsor, dumsor) electricity problems in Ghana at the moment. How can you insult God like that on your own incompetence? This is very disgraceful of a whole so called president whose presidency was automatic because of the death of sitting president. Come on, jon mahama is such a disgrace to the nation. Mahama is a thief, corrupt and without vision. What is more, he tries to negate all the good intentions of Nana Addo.

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Jon Mahama has no vision. he is so naive
Woman's wisdom
11-02 11:53