General News of Friday, 26 October 2012

Source: Kevin Dartey

Police, Army ready for peaceful polls- Bombande

Security expert and Executive Director of the West Africa Network for Peace Building (WANEP), Dr. Emmanuel Bombande, has praised government and the security agencies for the measures being put in place to ensure peace prevails before, during and after the December polls.

Dr. Bombande, therefore, described this year's security arrangements ahead of the elections as splendid and “highly commendable”.

His citation comes in a wake of the Ghana Armed Forces declaring that at least 5,000 soldiers will be deployed across the country to ensure credible polls.

Dr. Bombande said this on an Accra based radio station on Thursday.

“We certainly have a very good preparation this time around before the elections; learning from our past experiences.

...if you were to do a comparative analysis, there is no question about the fact that the Police Service that is leading the coordination of election security supported by the Ghana Armed Forces and the other security agencies have suddenly deployed all the type of preparations not just in terms of the logistics, but also in terms of the training and in terms of communication,” he asserted.