General News of Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Source: THE SUN

‘Porno’ Captures Ghana’s Media

… Media Commission And Police Shepherding Pornographic Press?

By Kofi Safo-Antwi

Pornography and its related obscenities disguised as something else are so prevalent on the nation’s media landscape these days that, it is almost as if the practice is a rider-less horse galloping out of control in a country, where religion has been said to be the opium of the citizenry.

Painfully the National Media Commission (NMC) which has been mandated by the constitution to supervise the workings of the media to ensure they conform to standards, has chosen to play the three supposedly wise Monkeys in folkloric tales, who decided never to SEE, HEAR or DO anything positive to rectify a debilitating occurrence.

Almost without exception, pretty everywhere on the electronic and print media one turns to, there is no shortage of profanity and obscenity disguised as modernity away from the colloquial, and often given impetus to by otherwise respectable persons now tainted with the canker.

This particular wrong has consistently been actuated by several of the nation’s female opinion leaders who opt to wear their kaba-top low in cape, showcasing oiled seductive breasts they blaspheme with Jesus Christ’s cross resting atop them.

Alarmingly, the sex exposés in the media have come at a time society has on its hands the dreaded HIV-AIDS scourge ,that has consistently defied all cures ever since global research works kick-started in 1987.

Prance through the print media and there is no shortage of explicit pornography in the name of press freedom and while we are at it, the warped assembly of patrons set aside as Christmas days, certain key days when the indecency is rolled off the printing machines. With the electronic media such as radio too, sex talk in plain language on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays do not get the Lord God to visit Ghana with goodies from on-high. Interestingly, while some media people have resolved to make a living out of sex-shows and pornography, there looks to be just too many prophets and pastors in Accra East alone than the Bible lists from Genesis to Revelation, yet, as the Progressive Peoples Party (PPP) presidential candidate Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom often says, we are where we are.

Worried moralists across the length and breadth of the country have not stopped brooding over sex goddesses who sit out at studious in the name of broadcast journalism, only to churn out dangerous sex shows too nauseating to dissect in explicit terms.

One such notorious goddess has the effrontery to encourage gamesome twosomes to get on on the act and report back with explicit and suggestive whimpers of erotic sounds and descriptions, that have the propensity of swelling the flap of even the Catholic Church’s Pope Benedict on his fasting days.

The fact remains that society has in its midst kids the older generation has the responsibility to develop into responsible citizens, yet, many of them have formed the frightening habit of either using portable wireless or cell phones while in school, to listen to these embarrassing programmes that introduce them to uncontrolled sex.

The question on most moralists’ minds is, WHERE IS GHANA DRIFTING TOWARDS IN MORALITY, if the Police and the National Media Commission will continue to shirk responsibility and instead, continue to sacrifice the young ones on the altar of indecent broadcast and pornography?