Entertainment of Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Source: Rukaiyatu Seidu-GhanaWeb

The Anklet: Fashion or Taboo?

It has become very common these days to see women young and old or even some men wearing anklets as a style of dressing. Although some people may like to think there is a meaning when it comes to wearing anklets (such as one side representing heterosexuality and the other the opposite). From my view, there is no common definition; it simply means that, it is the ankle you prefer to wear the bracelet on.

Though the above may be true for most people one should note that in some society, the wearing of an ankle bracelet does have significant meaning. In somewhat recent history, the wearing of anklet was generally considered to indicate the wearer was ‘available’ for the right price.

More recently however, just as they say, “opinions are like noses, and everyone’s got one”, different people have read different meanings into the wearing of the anklet. In fact, most times, the ankle bracelet is just another piece of jewelry because it makes women feel pretty. Some find it fascinating, others say it looks kind of sexy on a woman’s feet, others find women who wear them irresistible and for others a woman who wears anklet is promiscuous and it shouldn’t be entertained.

If I should think aloud, is the perception of the woman who wears anklet as being promiscuous really justifiable or an assertion which has been passed on from one generation to the other and has find root in our social fabric? Some women love to wear the anklet but for the fact that society frowns on such a fashion accessory, most women sacrifice their personal pleasures in the interest of societal pressure.

Even though, personally owning an ankle isn’t really my cup of tea; not because of societal pressure I must emphasized, but that, it is one fashion accessory I could do without. But, not to contradict my earlier point however, I still find it very attractive and sexy when I see it being worn by other women especially women in high- heels.

We all know that anklets are specified as jewellery, why then should it be a problem when women accessorized with it? Don’t we think that, just as the society finds nothing wrong with the necklace, bracelets and etc; shouldn’t we learn to accept the anklet as such? These are just my thoughts, what are yours, because we are sure going to re-visit this topic again.