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Sexy Lord Of Abortion III -Consent Or No Consent? - How Drah slept with his clients

Comment: You Are having a laugh

K Asumadu
2012-09-07 07:24:12
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Sexy Lord Of Abortion III -Consent Or No Consent?

What is consent about this? When a supposed Doctor uses deception to seduce his patience and we are even talking of consent. This gross abuse of trust should not be torelated at all. It is prepostrous for a doctor to suggest that sexual abuse is a mean to a successful medical treatment, knowing clearly that he's lying between his teeth.
This ugly looking bastard should be thrown to into a lion's den to have his ass penitrated by a loin just for him to get a feel of being voilated.

If any lawyer would like to defend this dickhead with the consent nonsense, he himself should examine his head; that is not to say he should be given a chance to defend himself by himself or through a lawyer. That's what the rule of law offers.

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09-07 05:10
You Are having a laugh
K Asumadu
09-07 07:24