Feature Article of Saturday, 18 August 2012

Columnist: Hagan, Ebenezer

Letter to Saint Prof Agya Atta,Head of Celestial Duties.

Dear Prof,

After crossing the big river you must now have reached your destination. I intended to send you this letter earlier but on second thought felt it wise to write to you after you had been properly debriefed and assigned your duty post. I just read your everlasting message and it leaves very deep everlasting questions on my mind. Prof, did you really die a peaceful man? Did something happen to you that we should know but cannot know because you cannot talk? It is in this vein that many decent minded Ghanaians want an inquiry but your own people have sworn by the 77 Gods of Keta and the June 4th revolution not to let allow anything of that sort. They have resorted to the usual,lying,misinformation,disinformation,cheap and crass propaganda. They have actually not changed.

Have you gotten the letter someone wrote to you? One of your incorrigible rogues who still believes that he can misrepresent facts to you. He does not know that you are now a spirit, an uninvited guest to all conversations you choose to attend. He does not know that you can tell the truth from lies.He does not even know that now you can tell between the lies and truth your own people fed you. He does not know you regret believing them. He still thinks you are the old Prof, isolated from the world by a wall of sycophants and liars.An island in the midst of bloody and greedy conspirators.People determined to use any means to get everything they desire.

Prof,we did try to warn you but you wouldn't listen.

Anyway, that is not the reason why I sat down today in the midst of the troubled economy to send you this letter. I just want to know how you are faring at your new duty post.Have you met your predecessors- Nkrumah,Busia,Akufo-Addo,Liman? Have you met those killed by Chairman Rawlings? Have you met your old friends? Classmates? Have you met the husband of Ms Ruby Addo?I doubt if that man is in heaven, Prof, he took to alcohol after he discovered you had taken his wife from him and he never recovered. He died of liver poison i think. I know by now he has forgiven you,if he has not don't worry you are still way above him in post even in Heaven.

But more important than any of the above mentioned people, have you met these people ?

It is important you do! They have sent petitions to your conscience for so long. Their families have sent you petitions for so long,that you do them Justice. Something my Prof,you swore to do on the 7th of January,2009.

Have you met Celestine Tsekuma? She was 29 years old at that time and a few months pregnant. Celestine had prayed day and night that her baby would be a girl. She wanted a girl who she could educated to be like CJ Wood, Dr. Mrs. Grant,Justice Bamford-Addo, Dr. Naadu Mills,at worse, she wanted her baby to be like Betty Mould-Iddrisu Ms.The young Celestine was invited by a whole national outfit called BNI because she owed a certain woman some few cedis. They threatened and harassed the poor woman till she died.Have you met her,Prof? Did she give birth? Was it a girl or a boy? Tell Celestine that her husband still mourns her, her family still mourns her, they are truly outraged by the lies the BNI manufactured to cover their tracks, they are sadden by the fact that because they are just poor individuals their quest for justice seems to be going nowhere.

Prof, have you met Francis Fuseini? Do not tell me you have so soon forgotten who he is. The countless petitions his family sent did it never reach you? Really? Well Prof, I would give you the benefit of the doubt.Mr Francis Fuseini was an assembly man for Bador and a known NPP activist. He was murdered in cold blood as he rode on his motorbike from Bawku. Prof, he may ask you, what did you do about my case? Did you cause an investigation into my murder? Did it even interest you that i was a married man with children? Francis Fuseini, Prof, was a lone voice for change in a territory of wolves and hyenas.

Did you just see an old woman pass by? Did she pause to look at you? Did she just shake her head? She is your kinsman Prof, she is Fanti too, forgive her for her cold reception. Not even the warm comforts of Abraham's Bosom can make her forget the pain she feels for missing her grandchildren's wedding.She was expecting to see a few of her greatgrandchildren. Is not like she wants more of just that she wanted her share of life, the share which was robbed from her by the BNI. Her name is Ekua Awotwe, she died out of shock when BNI operatives invaded her house to arrest her "son" a former Minister of State. If she pauses to speak to you she would just ask "Why,did you have me murdered,what did i do to deserve this?"

One last place you visited here on earth was Abgoblorshie guess then that you would have some news for Alhassan, Suala and Sule.Prof, they were butchered in the full glare of the police.When they ran to the police station as their assasins pursued them in broad day light, the police turned them away. Their only crimes was that they belonged to the NPP. BUTCHERED! MURDER! KILLED IN THE MOST GRUESOME WAY! you have any news for them? Tell them that you did something about their case. Or you Oh Prof, na ad3n?

On the streets of heaven, if you hear an Evangelist screaming for JUSTICE, his name is Kwame Nyame, an Evangelist who was mistaken to be an NPP activist. He was murdered prof, and his killer was found under the bed of your Deputy Brong Ahafo Minister after he had denied ever knowing him and had attempted to obstruct the police from performing their duties. Prof, do you have any answers for the poor soul?

I can go on and on, but you have just begun your celestial duties. Prof, now you know more than you ever knew while on earth. Sadly you cannot come back to correct all these, but based on the promise contained in your "Everlasting Message" you should invite to where you currently are a few of the people you left behind to answer for their crimes,to answer for their greed, to answer for the lies and propaganda they fed you and more importantly to answer for your manslaughter.

Do Not Rest Prof,Till Justice is done!

A friend.