Entertainment of Thursday, 19 July 2012

Source: Mawuli Pomary/OMG!Ghana.Com

‘To be successful enough to help my mother and fulfill her dreams’, Young Dapper @ 13

He is the newest member of the Black Avenue Muzik Label and the flyest kid on the block. He is set for greatness and without any iota of doubt, the boy-wonder is set to make proud. OMG!Ghana Caught up with Young Dapper in a chit-chat and he gladly opened up.

Briefly tell me about yourself. You rap, act and you are an athlete, tell us about how you are able to do all this and still be in school?

I have a schedule of my day to day life so I know ahead of time what I am doing and where I need to be at all times… I always put school first because without education I wouldn’t be able to put thoughts together, speak properly be able to read and understand to be able to write down all the thoughts that become my music

Who did you grow up listening to and how did that shape your chosen career?

I’ve been listening to a lot of singers/rappers like Tyrese, Chris brown, Ice Cube, Biggie, Tupac, and Lil Wayne. They all gave me a different aspect of how I want my music to talk to the world

What is your inspiration?

Music all the ways it talks to you, it’s the language of the world touches you soothes you tears you and teach you and it comes in all forms and languages

Though you are still young can u share one memorable moment so far in your life with us?

One moment that was spent that touched me a lot and proved that I am on my way to becoming who I dreamed of being was when I came to Ghana. I didn’t quite know anyone and no one knew me but the way I felt knowing that I wanted to on a performance like never before so that I can make GH know that I belong here and that I wanted to make them happy with my music. Once my family cried from happiness and trust me from that day on I knew this was my calling and that I could touch other people through my music

How did your parents feel when they realized you wanted to do music?

My parents were into music, acting, modeling but didn’t have the support behind them when they were young to do anything with it like I do today, but they were excited when they saw that music was something I wanted to get into even at the age of three

What will be your greatest accomplishment in life?

To be successful enough to help my mother and fulfill her dreams because without her support I would have never gotten this far. The money she has spent, all the driving back and forth, the classes the auditions, how she had my back, the no sleeping whilst my brothers and I slept… Wow! I have to make it for her or none of my accomplishments throughout my journey would mean anything

Where have you performed at since you begun making music?

I have done a show with Diggy Simmons at the puertorican day festival that happens every year in New York, I have done a show with Ricky Blaze a reggae artist, I have done a lot of community events and Charity events as well as performed in Ghana at the D-Black YES BOSS Concert & The Ghana Rocks Concert in Ghana last year

How does it feel being groomed by one of the best acts in GH now?

It’s a blessing because I never expected it to happen since I have been at this for a couple of years. I’ve thought about giving up a lot of times but I held my head high and kept going forward, so I feel very blessed to be working with D-Black so I can learn what he has to teach and take my talent and music to the next level.

Why the name Young Dapper?

I’m Young and the meaning of dapper means a clean cut well-mannered gentleman. I’m a young well-mannered gentlemen and a lot of people don’t know the meaning of dapper so when they find out they say how creative to call myself that.

Which musician apart from D-Black would you want to work with on any day?

I’d Love to work with Chris Brown, Drake, Lil Wayne, Jay z , Sarkodie, Efya, Mindless Behavior, Diggy Simmons

What are your hobbies?

I Love Doing Math, I love to play football and video games after all I am just a regular kid

Are you having a crush on any female celeb in GH? (Laughing)

Well I don’t crush much on the female artist in GH because I’m a lil 13 year old kid but I love the song “little things” by Efya so she would be my choice

In the wake of all the competition from all the big guys in the industry how do you intend rising to the top?

By being different, true to myself, appreciate the love from all the fans and work hard at anything that’s thrown my way

You have a beautiful video, actually one of the best videos in Ghana right now. Tell us about the creative process and experience shooting this video.

We had a great director and D-Black of course made it BIG and a cameo from Chase for starters and the concept of the song was in the club at the same time showing that we can party even as young as I am. D-Black came in as the big brother making sure everything was going good at the party. Plus a lot of girls as you may see. It was fun, that’s how it’s supposed to be and I had a great time making the video. It’s premiering on Channel O, MTV Base, Trace TV, Sound City and BET International in a few days so I’m very excited.

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