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Methodist Bishop Wild Over Murder Cases

Comment: What did Jesus do?

Abeeku Mensah
2012-07-01 17:06:29
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Methodist Bishop Wild Over Murder Cases

If what we read from the numerous versions of the Christian Bible about the times of Jesus is true we find that Jesus rode on donkeys just like his disciples; he never had the fattest donkey or the donkey with sun-glasses or the tallest donkey to show believers that he, Jesus, was the chosen one.
Fast forward to modern day Christianity, the institution of the church and their leaders and one finds rectories with some of the most expensive cars while the congregation that provide the very source of more church incomes do walk to church, some without shoes and some with limited pair of Sunday clothing. A look at these so-called bishops and the thousand and one titles they do confer upon themselves only to steal and wallow in the money and life of luxury that comes with the respective titles. In the meantime, some of the church leaders chase men and women, engage in political blindness and thus make statements that ought to incur the wrath of God. Ghanaians are just tired and weary of churches that have become political platforms for preachers who are stogies to tribal parties and or leaders who have become mouth pieces for the NDC and NPP and thus have become fools for money and not for God.
Church leaders like to rain fire on congregation and the larger society for what is sin while these hypocrites who would deny Jesus on any given hour pretend to know what God wants or does not want. A lie, the Bible says (Proverbs chapter one through Chapter 31) is an abomination just like homosexuality but preachers prefer to talk about homosexuality as if there is no other comparable sin

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07-01 01:49
What did Jesus do?
Abeeku Mensah
07-01 17:06