Feature Article of Thursday, 21 June 2012

Columnist: Dr. Gabriel Ayisi

Ghana Is Not One of 60 Most Failed States of the World.

“During the last half-decade, the Fund for Peace has been putting together the Failed States Index, using a battery of indicators that determine how stable (or unstable) a country is. We have taken the top sixty (60) or should we say worst sixty Failed Countries of the World. But as much as we admire the stats and numbers, there is no better way as the photos that demonstrate the degree of failure of a country. The best test is the simplest one, which is that you’ll know a failed state when you see it” – Fund for Peace..

Fortunately, Ghana is not on the list and we need to do everything to safeguard the God-Sent-Peace we are enjoying. We should not allow the Kennedy Agyapongs and other misguided politicians within our mist to derail the relative peace and onward development, no matter how slow. Without peace, there will be no development.

Our neighbor, Nigeria, is on the list, thanks to Boko Haram. Ivory Coast is also on the list, thanks to Laurent Gbagbo. In fact, Togo made the list, as well as Burkina Faso, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Chad, Niger, Guinea, and Cameroon (almost all the West African Countries). Let us preserve the Peace in Ghana.

1 Somalia (Worst in the World)
2 Chad
3 Sudan
4 Zimbabwe
5 Democratic Republic of Congo
6 Afghanistan
7 Iraq
8 Central African Republic
9 Guinea
10 Pakistan
11 Haiti
12 Ivory Coast
13 Kenya
14 Nigeria
15 Yemen
16 Burma
17 Ethiopia
18 East Timor
19 Niger and North Korea
20 Uganda
21 Guinea Bissau
22 Burundi
23 Bangladesh
24 Sri Lanka
25 Cameroon
26 Nepal
27 Malawi
28 Sierra Leone
29 Eritrea
30 Republic of the Congo
31 Iran
32 Liberia
33 Lebanon
34 Burkina Faso
35 Uzbekistan
36 Georgia
37 Tajikistan
38 Mauritania
39 Cambodia
40 Laos
41 Rwanda
42 Solomon Islands
43 Equatorial Guinea
44 Kyrgyzstan
45 Colombia
46 Togo
47 Syria
48 Egypt
49 Bhutan
50 Philippines
51 Comoros
52 Bolivia
53 Israel
54 West Bank
55 Azerbaijan
56 Papua New Guinea
57 Zambia
58 Moldova
59 Angola
60 Bosnia-Herzegovina