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Anti-tobacco campaigner calls for ban on smoking

Comment: TOBACCO - Ban processing IN GHANA

2012-05-31 13:13:54
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Anti-tobacco campaigner calls for ban on smoking

If Ghana could lead in CIGARETTE MANUFACTURING BAN,we can curb the smoking of it by imposing a QUOTA on its importation into the country.Cravings for cigarette,according to smokers is very difficult to resist.I always thank my GOD,I never tried it before.I ACTUALLY HATED THE SCENT SINCE FROM INFANCY.I feel sorry for those who suffer diseases out of SECONDARY-SMOKING.As many men smoke in Ghana more than ladies/women,the latter are at risk of encountering seconary-smoking diseases the most,from husbands & boyfriends.They therefore would unfortunately,die before their spouses,I should think.That is the most dangeruos effect on victims of secodary-smoking.I should think the government should take a possitive stance to find ways in curbing the use of tobacco in Ghana to avoid unnecessary deaths.In CANADA one cannot smoke in the PUBLIC PLACES LIKE: STADIUMS,MALLS,HOSPITALS,SCHOOLS/UNIVERSITIES DORMITORIES,AIRPORTS,APPARTMENTS,CONDOMINIUMS,GOROCERY SHOPS ETC.We have to try and adopt the same measures and it would help a lot to keep our citizens healthy.That is my contribution to my brothers and sisters in GHANA,MY BELOVED NATION.

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TOBACCO - Ban processing IN GHANA
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