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Sex Tourists Battering Ghanaian Girls/Boys

Comment: Then, what is a "boy" or "girl"

2011-10-08 07:44:00
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In Europe, a boy is around 3-12. Then he will be a youngster or Teenager.
In Ghana, a 50-yrs old will call a 25-yrs old man a "boy".
If you mean children, which means below 16-18, we can agree that you mean sex-tourism involving pedophilia or ephebophilia. Which is outlawed by most countries and you should also ask, why the same young girls are not taken care of by their families or communities. At the same time others mentioned that Ghanaians harras and marry very young (and even more the older) girls too. With offering money or pressurizing them (jobs eg).
The slave-trade with black children is perpetrated by Africans today. In Ivory coast and Mali for example. But also in Ghana where children are given in exchange for debts and work as houseboys and -girls. This is not corruption but also tradition. As is Trokosi and child-marriage and genital mutilation.

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Then, what is a "boy" or "girl"
10-08 07:44