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Sex Tourists Battering Ghanaian Girls/Boys

Comment: Ehrms

2011-10-07 04:20:20
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Sex Tourists Battering Ghanaian Girls/Boys

There are sex-tourists, true. At the same time any white is a welcomed object for marriage or sugar-daddy/mommyship. The handsome young NGO-workers, the idealist European scientists, the white beauty with her zeal to safeguard orphans - they all will be "harrassed" for marrying a Ghanaian. So your poetry keeps that subject-perpective out of mind - the Ghanaian is always the victim and passive. Is this not also a racist view? Ghanaians sleep with "tourists" for many reasons. One of the biggest might be the same sexual interest in the exotic, one other might be mixed with it, the hope for a long-term friend to support in times of need.

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