General News of Monday, 3 October 2011

Source: The Informer

GETFUND Sponsors Ghanaians To Study Oil & Gas Management

Students Grateful For The Opportunity!!!

Candidate Atta Mills, when he was knocking on doors asking Ghanaians to give him the mandate to build a Better Ghana, pledged that given the chance, he will “Invest in People”.

Since January 07, 2009, when President Atta Mills took his oath of office and once again pledged to build a Better Ghana, the President has stayed glued to investing heavily in the Ghanaian people.

With specific reference to Ghana’s Oil & Gas find, and with His Excellency the President pledging to make sure that Ghanaians benefit 100% from the find, the Government is wisely supporting scores of Ghanaians to acquire knowledge in various areas pertaining to the oil and gas industry.
Unlike the Kufuor Administration, which misused and misapplied the GETFUND (NPP apparatchiks who could not read and write collected scholarship monies and “chopped” free), under the watch of Sam Garbah, the GETFUND is doing a lot of “magic” for Mother Ghana.
Spread across a number of universities especially in the United Kingdom, scores of Ghanaians are benefiting fully from GETFUND sponsorship.
The University of Dundee in Scotland; The University of Aberden in Scotland; Coventry University in Britain; Heriot-Watt University in Edinburg; Coventry University Management School in London; are some of the institutions of higher learning where scores of Ghanaians are being supported by the Atta Mills Administration to get tutoring in various fields pertaining to the oil and gas industry so as to enable indigenes play a major role as the Better Ghana agenda rolls on.
The Ghanaians who are benefiting from President Mills’ pledge to “Invest in People”, continue to thank His Excellency the President for giving them such a great opportunity to study abroad.
Many of the students, who would never have had such a golden opportunity under the watch of the elitist NPP, continue to be most grateful to President Atta Mills for the golden opportunity that has come their way.
The expression of gratitude by Francis Horbah and Onasis Rosely, who are studying Oil and Gas Management at the University of Dundee, is certainly a microcosm of how all the beneficiaries of the GETFUND scholarship feel.
“We are very grateful to President Atta Mills for giving us this unique and great opportunity to get the kind of education that we are getting so we can play a frontal role in managing our country’s oil and gas find” Francis Horbah said.
“It is only a social democratic government like the NDC that will give full scholarship to a nobody like me to come and study abroad” Horbah added.
On his part Onasis Rosely said he will not stop praying for President Atta Mills because he is a man of the people, and is a President who is really committed to giving equal opportunity to all Ghanaians to benefit from the national cake.
“I will always pray for President Atta Mills because he means well for Ghana. He has demonstrated that he is really committed to building a Better Ghana and we shall make sure that we all support his good intentions” Onasis said.
“The fact that President Mills is allowing many Ghanaians to acquire the requisite expertise in oil and gas management is ample testimony of how he wants Ghanaians to take charge in the near future. This is a mark of a President who has a vision for the nation and so is empowering Ghanaians to manage our own assets. I tell you; President Mills’ vision for Ghana is akin to the vision Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah had for Ghana” Onasis added.
The NPP (just as the Republicans are doing to President Obama in America), continue to hit the roofs making all kinds of senseless noise to create the false impression that “nko yie” under the watch of President Atta Mills but no matter how hard they try, it is as clear as daylight that the Better Ghana agenda is sturdily on course and come December 2012, discerning minds will make sure that the mandate of His Excellency President Atta Mills is renewed so he gets another 4 years to build a more Better Ghana.