Religion of Monday, 12 September 2011

Source: GNA

Catholic Archbishop of Cape Coast condemns disregard for truth in Ghana

Cape Coast, Sept. 12, GNA - The Archbishop of the Cape Coast Archdiocese of the Catholic Church, the Most Reverend Mathias Kobena Nketsiah has expressed indignation about what he describes as disregard for the truth in Ghanaian society.

"In Ghana today, the truth is under threat; it is fast becoming irrelevant in our lives," he said.

The Archbishop was delivering the keynote address at the eighth quadrennial congress of the St Anthony's Guild of Ghana at Cape Coast. About 4,000 members of the Guild nationwide attended the four-day congress on the theme "Beholding the Cross of the Lord: The Vision and Mission of a Practical Christian."

Archbishop Nketsiah noted that people tended to care more for, and be concerned with their ethnic affiliation, political party affiliation and their social status more than they cared for the truth. He said people would go at length to tell lies to defend their political parties and ethnic groups.

He said the increasing disregard for the truth posed great danger to churches, communities and the nation as a whole.

The Archbishop said if the truth was sacrificed, then nothing would stand as well.

He said that was why the Lord declared, 93Let your yes be yes and your no be no", adding it was the reason why the virtue of telling the truth was imbued in babies during their naming or outdooring ceremonies.

The Archbishop appealed to Christians to defend the truth at all times no matter what the situation might be.

He said St Anthony as a priest and a great preacher of the word of God, was also famous for his concern and care for people, especially the poor, the sick, the rejected and the marginalised.

He said St Anthony was acclaimed outstanding miracle worker, and urged members of the Guild not to let miracles to overshadow the essential characteristics of the Saint's personality and work.

"His love for the word of God, and his commitment to share it through preaching and his pastoral zeal, that is concern for people especially the poor, the suffering, and the marginalised must be the priority of any member of the Guild".

He pointed out that the situation of self-centredness, selfishness and greed in the country today resulting in corruption, stealing, armed robbery, fraud, and others could be avoided if Ghanaians showed concern for their neighbours as St Anthony did.

The Archbishop called on members of the Guild to make a difference, saying that they could do so only if they were true to the mission and the vision of the Guild.