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General News of Sunday, 13 January 2002

Source: Ghanaweb

Annan voted Ghanaweb's Person of the Year

United Nations Secretary General, Kofi Annan, has been voted Ghanaweb personality of the year 2001. This is the second year in a row he's won the award. Several attempts to get the winner on the line for comments was unsuccesful.

Over a thousand visitors to the GhanaHomePage internet site ( website - polls ) took part in the online poll, with Annan gaining 37% of the votes cast.

He beat Ex-President Jerry John Rawlings (24.4%), President Kufuor (23,4%), International soccer defender Samuel Kuffuor (1.3%) and the ordinary Ghanaian (8.5%) to the title.

The Ghanaian was named – not voted - Person of the Year in the first week of January.

NOTE: The poll was not scientific and reflects the opinions of only those Internet users who chose to participate. The results cannot be assumed to represent the opinions of Internet users in general, nor the public as a whole.

Selected Comments from Voters(unedited)

In support of Kofi Annan
My choice is Kofi Annan, for being the first Ghanaian to win the Nobel prize, an internationally well acclaimed laurel, but his award has very little impact on the ordinary Ghanaian. J J Rawlings is my runner up for being the first head of state to relinquish power without force, setting a precedence that would hopefully give Ghana some international respect and recognition as a democratic state. A very important factor that would influence our political and economic influence on the world scene. -- pope Silas

I believe Kofi Annan deserves to be the person of the year because he has contributed immensely to world peace. - elsie

Kofi is really a hero . I saw him in Oslo . you won't beleive the amount of respect i get for being a Ghanaian among my Norwegian freinds. He's really made Ghana proud. - ?

In support of ex-President Rawlings
Courage to hand over power to Kuffor smoothly is the biggest achievement in his political life -- Edwin

JJ help bring about a peacefull change of goverment in Ghana for the first time. Hopefully democracy will grow in Ghana and from now onwards change of government in Ghana will be by the ballot box. - kojo

Rawlings is a survivor and although he has some short comings he was such a charismatic leader and should be given credit - henry magnus-george

I chose Rawlings beacause he respected the constitution of his country, something normal in many places but not in many African countries where people try by all means to stay in power despite the constituton. He gave a very good example that has to be followed by other leaders. -- sena

In support of President Kufuor
I think I'll vote for President Kufour because for the past month I've known him to be an honest man, a man of his words and a man of intergrity.At least he meant it when he said true reconciliation. -- cecilia kusi

The person of the year to me is the president Mr.J A. Kufour. He has been to steer the affairs of the nation in a mature and professional manner, taking for granted for the mere fact that he inherited a delapidated economy which was almost beyond repairs. -- Dr.Gaspard Dery

My choice is the President of the republic since he has so far not taken any controversial decision. Also, he has shown maturity in the conduct of his natinal assignment. Further he seems to be in charge of his ministers. -- kwadwo asante

In support of "The Ghanaian"
I voted for the Ghanaian for supporting the NPP government.

The Ghanaian has shown a lot of Patience, tolerance and maturity. God bless the Ghanaian.
- anonymous

Ghanaians must be commended highly for their tenacity and the will to endure which has saved our dear country from caous and confusion. The Ghanaian is always been hopeful, waiting patiently for a change for the better. This has not been very easy at all and hsa streached beyond human endurance and yet the Ghanaian is holding on. Ghanaians no more live,They are existing.Every Ghanaian needs to be commended for this will to live. Thanks. -- Rosamund Atta-Fynn,Philadelphia USA

The Ghanaian is the person of the year for very obvious reasons. He/SHE continues to endure all curve balls thrown at him/her by our shamelessly corrupt politicians who continue to steal them blind and yet always call on the Ghanaian to continue tightening his/her belt. We don't know for how long the belt tightening would continue before the Ghanaian says "enough is enough". -- Bafo


As much as the people lined up in the options have contributed one way or the other to the development of the country, they will agree that their achievements have been possible solely because the good peole of Ghana made it possible. --Nana

In support of Samuel Kuffuor
Because he played a major roll in bayern team as well as ghana.

B'cos he won the world club championship
-- George Quainoo

In support of "None of the Above"
Kofi Annan has already won an award for his hard work. Rawlings need not be added. President Kufuor performance is just modest. He needs to back of from his tribalist appointments, re-look at his hand off management style, listen to both his head and his heart. Samuel Kuffour is only a footballer and indiscipline, and so....The Ghanaian still has soul searching to do. Still not trust worthy, envious and opporunistic. MY VERDICT NONE OF THE ABOVE. -- Kwakwo Mensah

Other Comments/Suggestions
The poor street child bracing it in the cold on the streets of Ghana is my person of the year. -- n kwame

I wish the could have been a criteria to choose, eg the most popular, the most controversial etc. As much as I appreciate the opportunity, please do well to add a will make it a lot easier for some of us -- Kwasi Ghanaba

It is annoying to be confuising us with with Samuel Kuffuor and The President. --Klica

Bizarre Comments
Ghanaweb is my man of the year --Kofi Essien

Akoto, You are de man. I'll give you my wife to marry. -- Jim

Person of the Year 2001
Kofi Annan
President Kufuor
Samuel Kuffuor
Jerry Rawlings
The Ghanaian
None of the Above
Total votes: 1416