General News of Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Source: Daily Democrat

Allotey Jacobs warns Rev. Agbozo


The Central Regional Communication Director for NDC, Mr. Ben Allotey Jacobs, has sounded a word of caution to politicians who are hiding behind pulpit to insult President Mills to desist from this unholy behavior or encounter the wrath of God.

According to him, it is unfortunate that these men of God are showing disrespect to the highest office of the land which is the authority of God. He said they are using their preaching to denigrate Mills and exalt Akufo Addo as a Saviour. Reacting to a publication by Rev. Emmanuel Enoch Agbozo, he said, “It is ironically very unfortunate to listen or hear or read the writings of men of God who are supposed to know better and to lead the children of God to understand the ways of the Lord rather turn to mislead the flock because of lack of knowledge. If you have not been decreed by the heavens to be a reverend or a pastoral leader for the Lord’s children, don’t act as one; for God will expose you.”

Being a classmate of Nana Akuffo Addo at Legon, and a Legonite, is it proper for a learned person like Rev. Enoch Emmanuel Amanor Agbozo to say that during the inauguration of President Mills at the Independence Square, he stumbled and mumbled at the swearing-in ceremony, Mr. Jacobs asked. “What impasse is he talking about that needs to be corrected?” he further enquired. According to the Regional Communication Director, Rev. Agbozo has displayed his ineptitude and much more a character that points to him as being a Nicholatian and a son of Beelzebub; “I say this for the reason that as a Reverend, a priest or a pastor, Mr. Agbozo knows very well that no human being on earth would deny ever having stumbled nor mumbled.” In direct words to Rev. Agbozo, Mr. Allotey Jacobs said, “You call yourself Enoch and much more Emmanuel, I am sure you do not understand the meaning and the power of glory behind those names, what you mean to say is that were you living in the days of Our Lord Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, you would have joined the Pharisees and the Sadducces to be laughing at Jesus Christ when he was mumbling words which was on an appeal to his Father the Almighty God to forgive people like you, Rev. Enoch Immanuel Agbozo, Son of Belial, who do not appreciate the fact that no person on earth is infallible.”

It is only Reverend Osofo Enoch Agbozo who, like Koran, Dathan, and Abiram of the Old Testament who ridiculed the Prophet Moses before the congregation of Israel, would do same to Professor Mills.

“Behaving like the Prophets of Ahab, King of Israel, and having a lying and vicious tongue, is it irritating to you that President Mills your schoolmate at Legon has said that God is the President of Ghana, that Ghana will not die but live, and that Ghana will see the story of God.

Mr. so called Reverend Agbozo, we know that Nana Akuaffo Addo is your classmate and nothing stops you from supporting him, for birds of the same character flock together, no wonder,” he said.

Condemning Pastor Agbozo for indulging in politics, he said, “What are you saying? Faltering steps, accusation and counter accusations, politics of insults, threats and irate youth and embittered officials and members; oh ‘kobla Agbozo dzi wofie Asem’ for there are worse things happening in Nana Akuffo Addo’s Party, for it is better for you to preach virtues instead of writing rubbish, for I pray that the delivering hand of the Lord will be upon you.” “Rev. Agbozo” Mr. Jacobs went on, “you are ‘Morte Cante,’ you will pretend not to see the good works of the Mills Government; every government is confronted with challenges and like Moses and Joshua were confronted with challenges they overcame, so will your friend Atta Mills overcome the challenges confronting him and it shall come to pass, says King Solomon.”

Expressing surprise at Rev. Agbozo’s gratitude to God for former President Kufuor’s reign over that of President Mills, the vociferous Communication Director said, “Emmanuel Annan Agbozo, you are thanking God for a leader like President J.A. Kufour, in the same like manner will I also thank God for J.A. Kufour and Fifi Atta Mills because they are all chosen men of God, oh! Son of Jezebel, the devil has possessed you, he has come to you as an Angel of light and has baptized you to be one of the Reverend fathers of Baal and the same devil has blinded you not to see the good works of Atta Mills.”

“Let me give you a piece of advice Reverend called Agbozo,” Mr. Jacobs declared and asked him to accept the fact that every human being is fallible, adding that President Mills would not resort to the use of juju to rule the country but God would slowly lead Ghana to the promised land.