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NHIA Position On OXFAM/ISODEC Report


Dr. A. Darko
2011-03-19 04:59:47
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Cha, or whatever you call yourself, no one is engaging in the blame game here. NHIA is just trying to put the records straight.

For how long shall will sit and watch these so called development or denor partners writing and publishing damning reports about our systems. They are always proclaiming and publishing the corrupt practices in Ghana and the developing world, but completeley ignoring the same practices in their countries. You see, the way these so called development partners or donor partners operate is just funny, if not mischeviuos. They always want the developing world to go by their tested approaches. And if the developing world ignore their so called tested ''approaches'' or schemes and try something else, they go all out and brand whatever the developing world does as bad and lacking credibility.

Its true Oxfarm has implemented some Health Insurance Schemes across the world and they expected Ghana to use their approach or system. Once Ghana is using her own system developed by Ghanaians to fit our socio-cultural context, Oxfarm has a problem with that and tries to punch unnessaery holes. To hell with Oxfarm and their research findings. Clearly, the findings do not represent the true nature of the NHIS even to the lay Ghanaian, not to talk about academia. My Great-grandmother, who lives in a remote village in Ghana even tells me about how NHIS has made it easier for her and the family to acess medical care.

You see, these development partners roam across the world and bring up issues like these, based on which they write their fake project proposals to seek for funding. In the UK and USA, we always read and see on TV how they potray Africa to be dirty, filty and full of drug use, crime and so on. But tell you what, part of the UK is even filtier than parts of Nima.

No one is saying the NHIS is perfect and without problems. NHIA as an institution, and NHIS as a social enterprise, will definately have problems. Why is OXFAM not teaming up with the NHIA and NHIS to address the problems facing the system, but rather writing unnecessary reports and brandishing the NHIA and NHIS as bad. Remember that OXFAM is a British organisation, that is the true nature of British, they are cowards and backbitters and gossipers. I rest my case.

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03-19 01:32
Dr. A. Darko
03-19 04:59