General News of Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Popular ‘Uprising’ To Hit Doe Adzaho

After 20 years in Parliament…

…In Ave Avenor NDC But He Is Unperturbed!


By the end of the current term of Parliament in 2012, the First Deputy Speaker of Ghana’s Legislature, Mr. Edward Korbly Doe Adjaho would have served the people of Avernor Constituency in the Volta Region as their Member of Parliament (MP) for 20 years, but his game seems to be over as he faces a ‘red card’ in the next National Democratic Congress (NDC) parliamentary primaries.

Mr. Doe Adzaho has apparently angered some people in his constituency for allegedly nursing an ambition to re-contest the Ave Avenor seat unopposed for the sixth term, as against his alleged 2008 pledge to retire from contesting as a candidate on NDC ticket for Election 2012.

A three page politically worded statement sent to the media and signed by two leading NDC members in the Ave Avenor Constituency, Messers Francis Tengey and Samuel H. Ahiave, acting on behalf of other constituents, indicated that, the First Deputy Speaker had stated emphatically in 2008 during a meeting with NDC Branch Chairmen, Secretaries and Women Organizers held at the Akatsi College of Education that he would not run for the sixth term when he (Doe Adzaho) allegedly pleaded for support from the constituents to contest the fifth and last term as an MP.

The statement added that another quest for his succession plan was asked by a student during interaction with students from Akatsi College of Education when the same response of not running again in 2012 was emphasized.

“Why, does he (Doe Adzaho) think he is the only qualified and capable person in Akatsi District who should represent us throughout his lifetime? For people in the district this desire or behavior on his part smacks of greed and selfishness”, it queried.

According to the NDC front runners in the constituency, the Ave Avenor Member of Parliament had over the years put up a one man show, while insisting the people need a new leadership to foster speedy development in the area.

The statement further interrogated why after all the assurances by the MP to retire in 2012; there was an alleged scheme making the rounds in the constituency to impose him once again on the people for the sixth term, stressing that “perhaps Doe Adzaho must be told that he has reached the end of his wits and must therefore give way to someone else to come and try his hands. There are several capable and qualified persons to push for greater development which he had failed in 20 years.”

The statement also claimed Hon. Adzaho was no longer popular in the area and was out of favor among the people, and that his only trump card was to vie on the ticket of the NDC unopposed, but should parliamentary primaries be held, he would be shown the exit.

However, when contacted for his reaction, Hon. Doe Adzaho ridiculed claims by the ‘concerned’ constituents, and asked whether the NDC had opened nominations to warrant such ‘unnecessary’ noises as to whether he was going to contest or not.

He denied ever saying anywhere in the past that his last term in Parliament would be 2013, adding “why are those people behind that statement afraid of my candidature. It is the will of the people to elect which must be respected and not individuals seeking their personal interest.”

The First Deputy Speaker of Parliament noted that his popularity in the constituency cannot be disputed and cautioned that no one should tarnish his image to score political points while advising that the ‘game must be played according to the rules.’