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37% of Ghana's Farmland Recolonized

Comment: Re: the article is lies, OK?

Mensah Abrampa
2010-09-19 20:10:29
Comment to:
the article is lies, OK?

Ifeel so sorry for your crass ignorance. You and your ilk think everyone who disagrees with you is an enemy that needs to be destroyed. This only comes from shallow minded opportunists who feel insecure because they know that the wrath and justice of the people they are fooling will come shortly. "Yes, the arc of the universe is long but it bends towards justice."(MLK. jr). Do you have any evidence to disprove what you are disputing or you are talking from the wrong side of your mouth because you just woke up from a nightmare? I dont smoke wee. I wish I did because I'd then be able to talk to you in the language you moronic mind understands. You must be a wee smoker yourself to easily identify those who smoke. Those who did the research and provided the info which is worrying you have nothing to gain or lose if ghana's lands are recolonised so why are you having nightmares?

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09-17 20:02
Re: the article is lies, OK?
Mensah Abrampa
09-19 20:10