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37% of Ghana's Farmland Recolonized

Comment: the article is lies, OK?

Mr. Mister
2010-09-19 17:48:04
Comment to:

So what are you talking about? If you are so concerned with all your rhetoric and talk-talk stop smoking wee and go and farm. Plenty land is available, contrary to what the article is implying and lying about. This is not partisan politics or rabble-rousing rhetoric; these are facts. There is plenty land, OK? Where is 37% of land in Ghana owned by foreign companies; again, where? FURTHERMORE realize that if foreign companies come and "buy" land they are actually LEASING, OK? And those investors are very few and any government (NDC or NPP) would like to have more come. Do you know why? Because most of the land is FALLOW. Do you know why? Because there are not enough people willing to farm. The problem is not enough farming, NOT shortage of land. So stop smoking and talking trash and wake up to reality, brotha.

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09-17 20:02
the article is lies, OK?
Mr. Mister
09-19 17:48