General News of Monday, 26 April 2010

Source: GNA

Vodafone, NCA, to roll out new landline numbering system

Accra, April 26, GNA - The National Communications Authority (NCA) and Vodafone Ghana, would from May 1, 2010, introduce new number codes for all the ten regions of Ghana in line with global telecommunication standards. A statement signed by Mr. Isaac Cudjoe, Head of Corporate Communications, Vodafone Ghana, said the switch over to the new numbering structure would bring uniformity as both fixed and mobile phone numbers would have ten digits.

It said currently, the number of digits for fixed lines across the country differed from region to region, adding that another downside of the current landline numbering structure was that each region had a multiplicity of codes, which made the system very confusing. The statement said "Under the current numbering system, for instance, the Greater Accra Region has three different codes, Ashanti has six codes, Western Region has seven while the Eastern Region has as much as ten different codes.

"But all of this is going to change with the new numbering system to commence in May".

The statement noted that one positive aspect of the new land line numbering structure was that each of the ten regions in Ghana would now have a single code for all districts and towns within the regions. "This makes life easier for callers," it said.

The new codes for the various regions will be as follows:

Greater Accra: 030

Western: 031 Ashanti: 032 Central: 033 Eastern; 034

Brong Ahafo: 035

Volta: 036 Northern: 037 Upper East: 038 Upper West: 039

The statement said since the new structure required that landline numbers add up to ten digits, current numbers would be prefixed with the regional code of the destination call, plus a prefix, plus the current recipient number.

It noted that for example, to call a number in Accra, say (021) 234666 from another region, one would have to now dial 030 + 2 + 234666 making the new number (030)-2234666.

"To call a number in Ada, which is part of the Greater Accra Region, say (0968) 56890, the caller will now have to dial (030) + 35 + 46890 making the new number (030) -3546890 - the same numbering structure applies to the other regions," the statement said.

It said although the new landline numbers would be operational from May 1, 2010, the system would allow calls to and from the old numbers until after August 2010 when calls with old numbers would no longer be successful. "The NCA and Vodafone expect that by that date the public would be well informed about the new numbering structure," the statement said. It said details of the new numbering system would be available in the dailies and through an automated system that would provide callers with information on the new number for any existing number they call.