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Statement by New Patriotic Party

Comment: peter jeffrey,Stupidity Is No Medal.....

Jato Julor (J.J) Rawlings
2010-04-08 13:23:52
Comment to:

peter jeffrey, the lunatic gay meta-dunce, stupidity is no medal; quit prizing your brand of donkey-flu on ghanaweb.

Having being caught as a semiliterate fake journalist, you have now taken delight in drooling around on the web with the identities of other forumers.

My goshness !!

peter jeffrey,is stupidity the only wealth or talent that you possess ?

Forumers should take note of this swag-bellied,hemorrhoid-chewing gay pumpion !

An imbecilic lunatic gay refugee,peter jeffrey, squattering at St.Helens church in the market village of Abingdon,Oxfordshire is currently on the loose stealing the identity of other forumers,including myself to drool.

I am not responsible for the outbursts of maniacal frenzy displayed above through the mind of a peter jeffrey the lunatic gay refugee squattering at St.Helens chapel in Abingdon,Oxfordshire.

Yours sincerely Jato Julor(J.J.)Rawlings will like this forum to know that a depraved gay imbecile named peter jeffrey, currently suffering from the 'donkey flu' is drooling around here with my name, as can be seen above, and every post bearing my signature should be carefully evaluated.

This post was endorsed and rubberstamped by Yours Sincerely Jato Julor(J.J.)Rawlings, one of the faithful life bodyguards of Maaame Ghana and a believer in liberal democracy as expounded by the Danquah/Busia/Dombo fraternity.

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04-08 02:00
peter jeffrey,Stupidity Is No Medal.....
Jato Julor (J.J) Rawlings
04-08 13:23