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Statement by New Patriotic Party | (comment 5637244)
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Statement by New Patriotic Party

Comment: God Is No Lagosian,2012 Is 984 Days.....

Jato Julor (J.J) Rawlings
2010-04-08 13:17:32
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Why NPP Dey Cry?

God is no Lagosian and 2012 elections is just 984 days from now.

As true Ghanaian nationalists, who are only interested in the forward march and unity of our Maaaame Ghana, after 19 years of ofiri jato colonialism(which saw wanton destruction of private properties of hardworking Ghanaians, killings,shitbombings,tortures,kidnappings,identification cuts,jungle justice and the culture of silence), we deferred justice on the 'greedy bastards'(courtesy the obese lunatic butcher of Dzelukope,His Butchery Majesty Julor Jato Rawlings), and instead instituted a reconciliation process to bury the past behind us, which was hailed by all peace-loving peoples of the world.

The 'Dzelukope mafia' which has held this nation to ransom since 1979 rather saw the reconciliation gesture as a sign of cowardice of discerning Ghanaians and have returned to visit their "primitive barbarity" on innocent Ghanaians to divert the attention of the populace on their non-performance.

What these greedy bastards(courtesy the obese lunatic butcher of Dzelukope,His Butchery Majesty Julor Jato Rawlings)tend to forget is that,the NPP will never be fielding a catholic candidate again in the next elections.

We shall like these koborlors in power now to note that the days when they operated their kangaroo courts and sentenced members of the Limann govt to inhuman tortures and jail terms are over and the discerning people of Ghana will never again sit down unconcerned to allow them to visit their brand of barbaric justice on us anymore.

We shall never shelter any criminal in the past government found wanting, but we shall never allow any patriotic Ghanaian who 'paid his dues' to grow a GDP of just $3.4 billion to the whopping $35 billion that it is today within just 8 years to be a victim of jungle justice.

2012 elections is just 984 days from now and for those chin chinga-chewing, imported banku-eating,tractor-grabbing koborlors, car thieves,lorry parks and public toilet owners since January 2009, we promise them of the long arm of the law, come what may.

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04-08 02:00
God Is No Lagosian,2012 Is 984 Days.....
Jato Julor (J.J) Rawlings
04-08 13:17