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Statement by New Patriotic Party


2010-04-08 10:02:10
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NPP were in power for 8 years and should know a lot about NDC. This is the time to let rip for everyone to know. Expose these thieves now orn forever be doomed.

I will even do my best here:

As a former Registrar of Tema Public Tribunals, I know a lot about PNDC Account 48, and now set out to account for this publicly:

Rawlings PNDC Secretariat directed the Public Tribunals not to collect fines and rather have them sent to the PNDc Account @ Ghana Commercial Bank. As such, a form was devised and aunthenticated by the Tribunal Chairman, one Panelist and the Registrar, and then given to the accused persons to pay the fines/monies directly into PNDC Account 48 at Ghana Commercial Bank.

The Tribunals operated three Accounts. Account 3 was for administration of the Tribunals - buying petrol, administrative costs etc; Account 136 was for administration of the tribunals/courts and contained varying sources of monies such as refunds of defrauded monies, sale of confiscated goods, rewards for informers and other court related finances. This is the account where nyebro Tribunals appritchiks dipped their hands in willy nilly. It contained millions but was nothing compared to PNDC Account 48. These contained all the fines imposed upon accused persons throughout the country and was indeed collossal sums of monies. I was the Registrar of tribunals with Senyo Dzamefe as Chairman and Isaac Duose, now at National Investigations as National Registrar. In a week, we could receive receipts of fines paid into Account 48 totalling about 100 to 500 million cedis. The fines were huge and thick and always came with alternate huge term of impriiisonment: I signed these orders which always ended as: "the accused is fined 20 million cedis, or in default go to prison for ten years IHL' To pay the draconian Tribunal fines imposed by these very wicked Tribunal Chairmen and mostly ewe dominated Regional, the accused persons will sell their houses, cars, lands and call upon friends and relatives to pay for them. Every now and then monies flowed into Account 48. At the end of the month we will send a table of monies lodged into Account 48 to Isaac Duose who must be foerced now to tell us the total monies lodged into this Account 48; and I can tell you that these were very huge sums of monies. My own brother paid ten million as well as Appiah Menka, Kwesi Armah, Bosomtwe and many, many people who were arraigned before the National and Regional Tribunals, vetting and National Investigations Committee and destroyed by the NDC. It is very easy to trace these monies since we sent the returns to Isaac Duose, who has just finished investigations into Ghana@50 Commission, and must now also account for his stewardship. The Accounts details will surely lie in the hard database of Ghana Commercial Bank. Even though Kuffuor could not be bothered by investigations into all this, present NPP leadership in this present furore of probity and Accountability can use the law to access the detailed information of PNDC Account 48. We were told at the Tribunals that the PNDC account 48 cannot be accessed by anyone except JJ Rawlings, Kojo Tsikata and the boss of Treasury. And so we kept sending monies/fines in weekly and monthly, with the notorious PNDc account 48 swelling to billions of cedis.

NPP must now publish what they found out about NDC when they went to power. We need to know more about the Divestiture. Its all a healing process. In the case of Ghana Airways they must call for thorough investigations from 1971 or further back because NDC destroyed the Ghana Airways. It was heavily indebted by their free use by these NDC spongers. NPP must not allow this opportunity to pass by. They must use their arsenal of lawyers to challenge these NDC people under our fledgling democracy. In the times gone by BAR Association wont allow legal representation of its registered members to defend the accused persons at the Public Tribunals and many suffered unnecessarily. Not this time, when they can represent these accused persons in the so-called fast track chaired by almost the same Tribunal Chairmen. NDC charge sheet must be amended by the defendants retrospectively to know why certain decisions were taken before the GIA saga. Lawyers can also tackle the divestiture by sending legal suits to Courts/CHRAJ to demand open scrutiny of these things.

Lastly, am off to read law this September because we are dealing with some of the most non-human beings in Ghana and must be prepared to challenge these swines now in power. As for brute force, we all are capable of matching these NDc louts boot for boot.

Be bold, NPP and call off the bluff of NDC thieves by exposing them big time...

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