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Statement by New Patriotic Party

Comment: NPP is a corrupt institution

Abeeku Mensah
2010-04-08 07:10:58
Comment to:
Statement by New Patriotic Party

What is amazing about Ghana politics and Ghana's political and educated elite is the inability for political parties and their clan of non thinking supporters to have moral compass, sense of reflection and or relativism.
If the argument by NPP is that NDC under JJ Rawlings was corrupt and thus acts of unadulterated greed, mismanagement and corruption under Kufours NPP administration then it will be better for Ghana to round up all these NPP fools and execute them for being stupid.
NPP had the opportunity under Kufour to clean up Ghana politics and political greed, cronyism, nepotism and prosperity via tribal lineage and NPP chose not to do it. To imply from every NPP pronouncements that NPP members are being persecuted by this NDC administration for crimes that the NPP did not have the guts or moral core center to prosecute NDC during Kufours time in office is equivalent to saying every Ghanaian must walk around with blinders on.
Shame on a morally degenerate political party like the NPP or NDC if these are the arguments being presented to justify wrong doing.

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04-08 02:00
NPP is a corrupt institution
Abeeku Mensah
04-08 07:10